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Bose Wave Music System - Loud Squeaks, Squeals & Noises

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New Member
Mar 22, 2018
A few weeks ago, I picked up a old used Bose Wave Music System for a very reasonable price. The system had been gently used and must be a over 10 years old.

Yesterday, I noticed that when the system is not playing anything, it suddenly starts making some weird noises - squeals, clicks, crackles, squeaks

I recorded the noises on my mobile. There is a audio file in the attached Zip folder with a recording of the noises or you can hear it online here : https://instaud.io/3pRJ

[1] The noises are volume dependent
[2] They start when the machine has been on for 15 ~ 20 minutes
[3] They are not continuous - they start and stop randomly, with some 15~20 minute gap. There is no other buzz or hum or any background noise.
[4] The noises occur whether the machine is in Aux or CD mode and even when nothing is playing (Radio mode not tested since the radio will mask the sounds)
[5] Tested with machine in Aux mode - with nothing connected and CD mode - with no CD and sounds still occur
[6] I opened up the machine and ensured all connectors are tightly fixed, so no issues there

Any help in zeroing in on the reason for the noises would be appreciated.

Note: Bose official repair will cost more than what I paid for the unit. I would like to take it to a local electronics shop and get it repaired if the issue is diagnosed.