Bought Edifier C3 in 2022.


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Jan 21, 2022
Hello Guys,

At the onset i would like to thank @gurjee and @ baijuxavior for their recommendations given to other members years ago. Based on their recommendations i went and bought it.

Below is just copy paste of the review i posted on Flipkart.

Its 16.4 Kg of Pure Gold. The subwoofer weight is 8 kg. The amplifier is 6kg and 1 kg each for satellites.

There are total 4 ports for connecting input devices. Two are 3.5mm aux ports , one dual stereo RCA port and one port for Headphone jack. No Bluetooth , No USB , No SiM slot, No FM. Frankly apart from Bluetooth i dont miss anything else. For Bluetooth function i have hooked it up with my Echo dot via the 3.5 mm aux port , it works flawless and sounds great. I also paired them with my android phone , TV and my laptop . They all work as expected.

I am not an audiophile but to my ears it sounds great,
very clean highs and Mids and tight bass . The bass is not over powering or irritating ( I had auditioned some other 2.1 speaker system and it was giving headache only after few mins of listening) I got it two days back and its been playing continuously since last two days (48 Hrs of Burn In period). Never once i felt like stopping it or was giving fatigue to my ears. The sound is clear and detailed on all genres of Music. I tried latest Bollywood, Pop, Dubstep, Trans, Techno , Heavy Metal, Rock and Hip Hop, i must say its an all-rounder. (Yet to try Ghazals and Qawwali).

The factory default sound settings are good enough for me. if incase you need to tweak the bass or treble , there are seperate controls for that.

There are few things to be corrected on Flipkart webpage, it shows C3 65 watts but its only 56 Watts. The description page has details of C3X model which is incorrect. Also the unit which i received i think was used or returned by some other customer. The sub woofer styrofoam feet were missing. The inside packaging was in pathetic condition all thermocol was broken and discolored . I guess it was lying in the dealer warehouse for many years . The only reason I did not go for replacement cos Flipkart was only giving refund not replacement, as this was one and only unit available. I did not want to loose this set. However, apart from the misinformation on Flipkart page and the subwoofer feets missing there is nothing negative to talk about.

Its just my second day of using it , will update my review incase i find something to talk about.

PS : This product was launched in 2007 and it has been discontinued long ago . I dont think it will be available in stock again. Incase it does , order immediately without giving a second thought. I am confident you will not get similar product for Rs 6999/- ever again.

Update on 20/01/2022 : I returned the first one and got another one of these beauties .. As i mentioned in my earlier review the styrofoam feets of the subwoofer was missing and it was used system, I saw there was one more still in stock So immediately placed a return request and waited for replacement but unfortunately there was a call from customer care that there is no replacement only refund available. Hence i had to place a fresh order. To my surprise due to ongoing republic day offer i saved further 10% on the order. And withen two days i got the brand new product. This time the system was well packed though ther thermocol packing was very old but still intact. And most importantly the subwoofer feets were intact.

What i noticed is even though the earlier product was used item, the authorized edifier online store is selling it as new. Which i feel is unethical for authorised seller to do. I would have happily bought a refurbished product at same price if i was informed before hand about it.

After researching the web i found out that the C3 is 56 Wats Class A/B amplifier with 4 ohm impedance. Which is really gem of a system . With great dynamics and well balanced output with zero distortion at full volume. I am very happy with my purchase.

Attached find some some pics of the Amplifier internals and subwoofer driver .
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