Bringing LCD-TV from US. Worth it?


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May 27, 2009
Hi, I am planning to return to India(Calcutta) from US shortly. Here, a Sharp 46" 1080P LCD TV 120Hz (lc42e77u) is available for about $1200, roughly Rs 60,000. However, this is 120volt and supports PAL signal in the component input only. I will have to get a 220V-110V converter and since India has SD signal only, I should be set for now.

Do you think it is worth it? Or should I buy it in India? What's the going rate for a decent 46" TV in India?

Really appreciate your opinion regarding this.

BTW, I have a Oppo DVD player to play Indian DVDs and a decent Home theater setup.

The dollar does go a lot far in India these days so getting money would be good too. Put in customs, the hassle of transport, voltage conversion, etc. it makes more sense to buy in India. Of course if you're talking of models not available here or it entails a lot of savings then you can consider going through the trouble but for 46" LCDs I would think not.

My brother does bring a lot of stuff and he even got a 50" Pioneer Kuro from overseas, but he being in the merchant navy and the captain of the ship has an envious advantage over others like us.

My thinking is don't bother with the hassle. You get all stuff locally these days.
NO. It's NOT worth the effort. Agreed, price maybe tempting.

But here are my reasons:
1. Warranty can be an issue. You may need to buy international warranty at additional cost. But check if Sharp or concerned company accepts such warranties in Kolkata.
2. Video standards maybe confusing and may finally NOT work the way you want. You really need to be sure what you are buying.
3. There's HIGH risk of damage in transit. (Physical damage or internal component failure due to shock)
4. There may customs duty of approx Rs 15K.

So at 75K is the price difference worth the risks? Choice is yours.
You can also check at for any good deals?
well rather getting from the US u can make ur return trip via malaysia or better bangkok ,do u know that a sony z series can be had for a cool 90k cheaper in bangkok.
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