CA 540R connectivity query


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Apr 16, 2008
Hi all,

Finally I have acquired my new HT setup, thanks to all you guys for your valuable inputs...finally its MS Avant series speakers (904i as front channels) +CA 540R V2 receiver+CA 540D DVD player....The speakers have arrived yesterday, while the receiver and the DVD player is yet to arrive, the speakers are connected to a borrowed CA 640 for the time being...

I am yet to connect the receiver to the 5.1 system, will do it over the weekend probably when I have time, now an old LG dvd player is connected to it through the RCA stereo and composite connection..

I will eventually have three sources - XBOX 360 (Component), CA 540D DVD (HDMI) player and a Tata Sky STB(composite)... I was of the impression that the receiver would be able to switch all inputs through 1 HDMI out cable, but I dont think the CA540R does that (not sure, will have to go through the manual), so it means that for every input there will be a set of wire going to the TV, this means that my current set of wire just doubles...not a desirable situation at all...

I was thinking whether there will be any issue if I connect the video inputs from all the sources directly to my LCD (it has HDMI also) and connect the sound inputs to the receiver?

I have the same receiver. And your understanding is correct: there is no transcoding of video signal to component or HDMI.

Your solution of video direct to TV is good. With some receivers this may be a problem due to loss of sync between the video and audio. However, CA does very minimalistic processing. So this may not concern you.

Prasad Redkar.
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