california Brand ... what is it ?


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Feb 15, 2009
Vu , yesterday i went to check Croma , for PV80 , but do had a look @
VU , Sales Guy was pushing me to look into that .. :D

Surprisingly it was hard to find the difference from other 42" LCD/Plasma , it was @ 49 K vid Hometheater free (FUll HD. )

How they managed to get Ful HD @ this rate :rolleyes: .... Any one has this product ..
Any Reviews about this New Emerging Brand ...
detail discusses happened in thios forum twice or thrice about Vu - chk it.
it is a standard trick - A company is incorporated in Technicallly advanced or fashionable country- mostly it is shell office with minimal or no staff - sdo that they can write - xxxx of japan ,, yyyy swiss watch - get the idea

Jumbo - dubai - sony's biggest dealership in the world have one of their own brand called Supra - It is incorporated in Japan - but all sourced frm china( not even designed - direct sourcing) they used to say Supra of japan
TAnyway supra is a very good brand.
Also a lot of chinese watchmakers started offices in Switzerland and started selling Watch made by Swiss Company ( not swiss watch- which HAVE to be made in switzerland!)
Gosh! supra is a local brand? My uncle got it shipped when he left dubai about 10 years back after using 4/5 years earlier. I am still using it in my bedroom and believe me it has absolutely fantastic display. I just dont wanna it through away just for the sake of old crt technology. I bet that tv still can beat new lcd hd ready tvs in terms of clarity and contrast (of course not full hds):)
It is "sourced " Brand but remember they were the pioneers in this business - they started 15-16 years back and first started sourcing from Korea and then china.
A number of mee-too brands appeared - I think G-Hanz is also same ( Modern German Brand???)
Supra was NO 1 in low priced brand in UAE - there AC's were good -( In very hot UAE waether) .
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