Can ANYONE answer my queries


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Sep 20, 2006
Hi Guys..

I am new to this place. I am a sound freak. It feels nice to be here with like minded folks. I have few questions..would like to get your expert comments

1. For surround sound does it make sense to go for regular bookshelves/ standmounts or does bipolar dipolar speaker are more effective.

2. Is it true that bipoles/dipoles can only be used in big rooms. For instance my room is 11x12. The problem is all the corners are not free so I am considring going for biploar speaker as they can be placed on sides. Will bipoles/diploes sound OK in this room size.

3. Lastly what is more effective acoustic treatment for floor. Going for a wooden floor or going for wall to wall carpeting.

From my experience bipolar surrounds are designed for easy and unobtrusive placement in your room. Some have easy-to-use mounting plates which are included for wall mounting if desired.

Positioning is extremely non-critical; unlike dipolar surrounds, which are limited by their specific sidewall placement placement requirements. Definative's have some excellent products in this line.

You will have to try placing them in your room to see how they sound.
I would agree with Mohan on Bipolar/Dipolar speakers.

Room treatment is tricky and it also depends on what frequency range you are trying to address. For high frequency and to certain extent on mid range carpeting would help but for low frequency it is better to go for a bass trap.
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