Can order Quality Interconnects through Amazon


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Nov 27, 2008
Providence, RI, USA
Well we all know Amazon & the electronics gadjets they sell.The
catch is that the items are cheaper than what we buy in india, indeed cheaper more than 1/2 the price.But for most of the items like receivers or sub woofer, either they are not shipped to Asia India or shipping charges are too high.But i was not able to find anything like subs that would be shipped to india.

But while ordering for a book me and my friend were able to
order for interconnects to india, like optical cable, speaker wires and they were ranging from 6 to 12 $ after discounts. Never heard about the brand but the quality in the photos looked good.

The book arrived in 2weeks,Havent yet ordered the interconnects,will do after some R & D.
So you guys can have a look in and suggest if interconnects can be ordered from Amazon or any other sites.

Did your friends have to pay any duty on the cables? Did they ship via FedEx or Airmail? This seems like a good idea. Thanks for alerting us to it.
Well he ordered just the book, which was delivered through Fedex.I think no duties will be required for the cables, it should be directly delivered to your home.
Well these electronics items are shipped to india only by some specific manifacturers, so we have to do a bit of hardwork to find out which of these items are shipped.
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Amazone has India in there Asian grp.
I think they have started delivering AV product in India.
that would great if Amazon delivered A/V and electronic items to India.
But as of now they dont, neither Amazon USA or UK, they only ship Books and DVD's, the only way is when I have managed to get goods delivered to relative based there who are coming to visit India.
You could try B&H India Digital Cameras, Camcorders, TV's, Home Theater, DVD Players, Apple iPods: Welcome to B&H India, but shipping is might expensive, and just not worth it especially for heavy items like in A/V.
I am still searching for some reliable and affordable option to ship stuff to India.
It would be great if some of you could give suggestions which have worked for you on shipping AV stuff from overseas websites
I checked online price of Denon 1909 & shipping cost stated by amazone which came close to Rs.36k.
The Indian price for the same is 38k?
So the difference is very little.You get warrenty & service for that extra cost.

The price may differ for other products.
If there is a good price difference, then go to, dealer section. You will find a anything from amazon section. Ask for a quote and buy if the quote is ok. Not applicable for heavy items.
Blue Jeans cable ships internationally.

I got a bunch of stuff from BJC last year to India. Their quality is one of hte best in class and cust. service is beyond most service levels. Superb products and company to deal with (like many other internet directs). Even with the tax and customs, I was happy with the pricing though I see some prices gone up due to the fluctuations in copper prices.
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