Car head-unit issues on woodman Big-B

Amit Satam

New Member
Jul 25, 2020
Ever since I bought a woodman Big-B Car head-unit {almost 6 months old } is under multiple issues & these are still not yet fixed by service center.

My head-unit is received from service center after repair thrice but still not functional .

Below mentioned symptoms still appear on my Head-unit:
1- Head-unit is getting Hung after every 10-15 minutes
2- Head-unit is getting extremely hot in the next 5-10 mins.
3- Head-unit Screen also gets blank & no display is visible.
4- Head-unit is getting Hung even with Bluetooth connected to my Iphone.

Need your suggestions what can be done to sort out such issues?? Is this an issue with my CAR Battery or Head-unit cables or Car head-unit ??

Amit Satam
Sorry to hear of your woes with a new HU.
If still under warranty you could ask for a replacement or refund?
Even i am trying with replacement or refund. but due to lockdown there team are unvailable.
If you have not done this, you could write them an email requesting a replacement : just for the record in case warranty runs out before the “team becomes available”…
the issue with CAR Battery or Head-unit cables will not cause the issues you mentioned. The Player itself seems to be the issue, poorly designed Chinese players have flooded the market. I will advise getting a replacement as the so-called service repair guys do nothing but a simple factory reset in the software.
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