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Choosing projector for a small room



New Member
Nov 20, 2018
First time posting, decided to ask for some help finally.

I am looking for a projector, and I have been using them for a while now. But I have run into some problems, and would like to see what kind of advice I can find here for a future investment. I just moved into a new place and would really like to set up a home theatre in our (admittedly really small) living room. The throw distance is about 4 to 5 feet (at max), and we have plenty of wall space so we are planning to paint it (due to some useful replies here). So because of short distance, I'm currently choosing between short and ultra short throw projectors.

As for now I found these options:

for regular short throw BenQ MW632ST (yet I've been warned about rainbow artifacts)
for ust it's Benq W1210 ST or Optoma 5500

I would really appreciate someone else (who may be more knowledgeable than me), to help me find a projector that is more suitable overall. The requirements are that it is a short throw/ultra short throw (which might be better) and that its color is more acceptable than the Acer I listed, while retaining the ability of deep blacks and bright whites. Portative model would be just great, since I'd like to not only use it at home but for my work as well.
I'm not stuck to my budget, so feel to share your opinion.

Also I'm looking into some Epson models right now, but since I have had bad experiences with the Epson brand previously, I'm not sure if this even a good option?

Thanks in advance!


Well-Known Member
Nov 4, 2009
I would really appreciate someone else (who may be more knowledgeable than me),

Am no expert on projectors, but have been using multiple projectors (DLP-LED) in living room (100 inch) & bed room (83 inch)..

The 100 inch screen in living room, we watch from 10.5ft distance and is comfortable even for prolonged use (12 hrs or more)..

The 83 inch screen in bed room, we watch from approx 9 ft distance as well as at approx 4 ft distance.. 83 inches from 4 ~ 5 ft is a little difficult for the eye to cover the screen.. Your scenario is also very similar..

The throw distance is about 4 to 5 feet (at max),

Assuming you have 4.5 feet max or less between the projector lens & the wall and using the short throw projectors, you might get close 75 inch screen.. I feel it might be a little bigger screen to watch so close..
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