Compact Amplifier Chassis for DIY project


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Oct 27, 2007
I have recently been gifted a Gainclone amp kit (barebones with PCB and components). I'm putting together a list of things to gather before I start soldering away. The one thing I can't seem to find easily is a small, compact (and cheap) chassis for the project. Does anyone here know of a good online store which sells something like this? I am looking for a basic housing, not something fancy or exotic looking.

I know if I was in India currently, I would go to a good workshop and get someone to do it for me. But out of India, manual labour is worth its weight in gold :eek:.
Or if someone knows a place in India which does it (or a shop which ships all over India or an online company), I can request someone to bring it on their next trip from India.

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Refer EFY magazine ads there you will get some . There are
several enclosure companies in india and many do sell as 1 piece.

adding 2 companies from web B2B site, I never ordered
you have to check personally.

Makwel Industries
Address : 1, Suraj Estate, Opposite Bus Station, Highway, Unjha - 384170, Gujarat, India
Phone : 91-2767-282047/253009
Mobile : +919879566780
Fax : 91-2767-282483/253009

Economic Enterprises
Address : B- 25, Dsfdc Engg. Complex, Mangolpuri, Phase-I, Delhi - 110035, India
Phone : 91-11-27394615/27395180
Mobile : +919811087680
Fax : 91-11-27393061
Magma on the forum is a good fabricator. He can mod and provide good finishing any chassis or case you find partly suitable. Check with him.

if you can mod and do the finishing
a good place to start is your raddiwala

look for old VCR's and very old radio chasis ( believe me some of these radio chasis are better built than todays modern int amp chasis)

Also look for old ibm horizonatal PC cases

this is just the starting point
you have to mod and do the facias yourself
Guys Jinx. is out side india
cutting, fitting and workshop work is costly there..

but i cant figure out , why he wants the cabi in india home delivered.
Thanks for all the suggestions in India. But as Kaushik pointed out, I am currently outside India. So any online company that ships worldwide would be more helpful. I'll look at the links given but phoning and explaining the design and then having someone in India pick it up may be too much of a hassle at present.

Karthik, I also asked for India sources so that if someone is coming from India and the casing is small enough, they can carry it with them. But this was a last option and I would prefer to order it online directly from a website.

I think since gainclones are small in size you can pretty much use anything suitable and easily available in your home (at least on temporary basis) or search "aluminum case" in ebay it throws up good number of choices. Also on the net I have seen DIYRs making pretty imaginative enclosures/cases for gainclones.
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