Computer Speaker Shops in Chennai?


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Apr 15, 2009
Chennai, India
Where in Chennai can I find good computer speaker (5.1) shops?
I have been trying landmark, ezone and stuff...and am surprised by the total lack of choice ;)

I am trying to get hold of a logitech x-540, but seems to be out of stock.
Would like to check out some logitech/creative/altec lansing 5.1 spkrs, but cant find a place in Chennai to see em.

Any ideas?
Hai Arun,

You can find them at Ritchie street. It is available at almost all computer shops. But I doubt if they will demo the speakers for you. Also try IT Depot website.

Thanks ,

N Murali
Richie street is the place for all PC accessories in Chennai.

I don't think anyone there would let you demo a system. I did notice a shop in Spencer's plaza which had about 4 different desktop systems on demo (Creative, Logitech, Altec-Lansings mebbe). Sorry I can't tell you exactly where the shop was as I'm usually lost the moment I enter the mall and discover places mostly by accident. :eek:
Thank u all....I went to IT Depot....and got an X540 ;)
I was almost convinced that X540 was nowhere to be found...thankfully those guys had one!!!

I think its pretty good...for its price...
Wont shake the floor or bring down the neighbours...but brings the surround and subwoofer effect that was so much missing in my 2.0 (which was also a good one, btw....Bose)...
I really dont think I'll be able to use an HTiB to its full power, being in a flat :( i think this is kinda right for me...

Thanks again!!!
Am looking forward to getting an XFi external snd card also....;)...which is available at IT Depot...
May I know the current price of X540 speaker??

the itdepot website says it as 6400.. but i heared it is around 5k..

thnx in advance..
ya, its around 6,000 or 6,4000. I don't think its available anywhere else....atleast I wasnt able to find any other shop that still has it in stock..

I am still using the X540 and must say its a great choice at this price. You cant really get better 5.1 speakers for this price! ;)

Here's a quick review of the X540:

- Very good sound for movies (I couldn't really see why the top-end philips HTs were any better in terms of clarity!). Try playing the dts demo dvd on these spkrs and you'll be happy ;)
- Cheap! Couldn't get any cheaper for a 5.1
- Loud n clear center channel for voices, etc.
- Subwoofer is good enough to shake the floor, but you wont notice it much beyond the room
- In short, a great choice for someone who wants to rock their rooms but not their neighbors ;)
- The center channel speaker can be clasped onto your lcd tv and complements it well, like it came with the TV ;)

- Music is just 'good'. Compare it to a Bose 2.0 (which retails for 10K i think) and you'll see what you are missing -- the clarity and sound definition. But for pretty much most people, you'll be happy with the X540 (esp in matrix mode)
- Not too much power considered to HTs (I don't mind it at all)

Hope that helped!
hi too happy tat x 540 is available here.....

but d rate u guys specified is 6.4k...... but i called upon d store n confirmed they r saying its 7.4k........:rolleyes:

im n coimbatore n i couildnt find x540 anywer here ...if i want to buy der i need to add ma shipment charges also....

so can anyone confirm abt d price those who bought n recent....?????????

n also abt service center ..any unique service center avail 4 logitech????
hi arun j..... @ can u confirm me d price??

n d sound card u specified s wat company n do yo know its price???
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