Demo Car - Mutant - Delhi


Jan 25, 2008
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Guyz n Galz

A good Newz for all the Delhites:yahoo: n the NCR(ies):p...

Finally the Mutant Car Audio is there in North India, and the first
demo car for all of you is done(right now only audio, within few dayz the
video, security and led lightings will also be done)...
The Car right now, is the budget setup, and is being demoed in a
Second Hand(Not Actually Second hand, but a ya old and used:p) - Daewoo Matiz...

The installation goes like this...
1). Mutant - 5.25" - Component - Front
2). Mutant - 6.50" - Component - Rear(in Box)
3). Mutant - Active Enclosed Sub 12" - Subwoofer
4). Mutant - 4 Channel Amplifier
5). JVC - CD/MP3 Head Unit...

You guyz are welcome to audition the same anytime, but as we are only on brand building spree for now, so you guyz just need to call us and fix a time, and location...


Mridul congrats man :) ! interesting setup.

So when are you doing the same in Bangalore ??

Also would like to know the prices of these !!

Hey Buddy

the same is already there in Bangalore, with Auto Planet, Mr. Palani...
the difference is the 10" Sub instead 12", and Pioneer Head Unit...

This total system without the Head Unit costs around Rs.36K approx. to the end user...

And after todays demo to few of the Car Audio Guyz in Delhi,
they say it beats JBL, Pioneer & Sony, as its sounds crisp and tight, and
is soft on ears...

The only problem out here, is the Head Unit,
our Head Unit, starts itself from Rs.10.5K and above, so for budget systems we use Pioneer or JVC...

which ICE guys did you audition for in delhi

did you catch up with a friend ( and indias loudest car owner LBM paaji?)
or gunbirji

The product were being auditioned by the guyz working in and for

and the dealers in

Lajpat Nagar
Noida - Sec.18
Model Town

more demos & comparisons are yet to be done...

and sorry i dont know the guy and moreover if he is the loudest car system owner, then i dont even want to meet him...
What we are selling are not loud, but are soft, but at the same time have crisp and clear output...
sir though he is the loudest car owner that is only on account of the plutonium series GZ amp and subwoofer

his front stage is pure SQ -carbon series illuison components with custom horns and i think a steg amp
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