Denon 1610 + Speakers ??????


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Jun 1, 2009
Dear Friends,

I have bought Denon 1610, thanks for the Forum to get a quick decision. Considering my room stastics (20 X 14) felt 1610 is fair choice and 5.1 is quite ok for now (Anyways this model has an option to extend to 7.1).

Price : 26.9K
Location : Vector Systems, Hyderabad.
Interests : Mostly movies (70%).

Power of the AVR : 75Watts/6 Ohms.

With the help of Ashish, have short listed Mordaunt short Avant series(Seems to be rare species in India particularly Hyderabad.I doubt I will ever get a demo of this), Wharfedale 10,9,vardus and Jamo C/S series.

Experts please pass your suggestions on matching speakers(Fronts(FS) and Centre for now).
How will be Jamo c606 package with denon? There is mixed responses from forum pairing with Yamaha/onkyo.
My Budget for Fronts and Center is ~40K.
Since there is very limited choice to have demo in Hyd, mostly I will depend on the Forum comments.

Best match for Denon-

Q-acoustic 1010i, Wharf 9, Kef 2005

Is these will match to any denon irrespective of the power of the model?
I read suggesting the same set of speakers for denon in the forum for model 1910 and 2310.
Since power of this model is quite low compared to other two hence opened this thread.
Since power of this model is quite low compared to other two hence opened this thread.

1010i can be the best match.For home use these spk are doing good job.
whathifi recommende these for Denon 1507 lasyr.
Generally spk handling power shld be less than that of AVR.
Secondly power of AVR is on full load which we never use @ home.

Same with other brands too.
I want to buy the Denon 1610 receiver too. My favorite genre is trance/house/pop. Will I get very good sound if I get Wharfedale Diamond 9.2 Speakers?
Thanks for the Inputs friends. I tried for QA in Hyd, which are not available and then I came across Energy Take classic package.
As I am very desperate to have something for new year day, I thought of taking the Energy take which I can use for sometime and move them to another room replacing with much better speakers.
I got energy take classic 5.1 for 27.8K from Reliance digital,Hyderabad.
I hooked up these little species to AVR and Played Man On Fire Blu Ray. Its mind blowing experience. They totally amazed me,
thats may be I underestimated them b'coz of their size and price but what ever it might be these speakers are amazing and make me happy more than what I expected.
Now I think, I don't need to upgrade the speakers until I upgraded for higher end AVR.

For folks who are on budget, these speakers are highly Recommended.
^ I have the Energy take 5.0 speakers. I got them from the States (as a gift) - wasn't even aware that they are available in India. Any idea on whether the subwoofer alone is available and if so for how much?
For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!