Does the Topping TP20-MARK2 produce low frequent vibrations on the low-range speaker?

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier


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Feb 16, 2010
In a German Forum ( a User write a problem about the Topping TP20-MARK2. Could anyone verify this on his own Topping T20-Mark2?

Obviously the Topping TP20-MARK2 (or his power supply) produces without music signal low frequent vibrations. As a result of that, heavy membrane oscillations occur on the low-range speaker.

Can anyone test this? ---> Turn the volume control approx. on the half position (twelve o clock position), but WITHOUT playing any music from a source (CD/mp3/PC etc.). Now, watch the membrane of your low-range speaker. Does the membrane (without music) vibrate?

(Maybe some of you can remember this effect under the former expression Subsonic. Some older amplifier had built in a Subsonic Filter to eliminate these membrane vibrations.)

Some people have the opinion this phenomenon could be a result of the simple or bad power supply. Therefore could you tell me which power supply you use with your Topping, respectively which power supply was included at your package?

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