Ghosting and image persistence on LCD panels


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Aug 16, 2006
This is a question for the videophile.
I have noticed that there is a slight ghosting when I play fast moving scenes on LCD tvs. It was quite bad with the older models. The newer lcds seems to have solved this problem to a great extent but it is still there causing eye fatigue when you watch a movie for a long time. The plasmas and projectors seem to display a ??sense of ease? when playing fast paced scenes. They do it effortlessly. Is this an issue with response time ?
Any thoughts ?
well most of the latest lcd's have response time of around 4 to 6 ms, which i feel is decent, its strange that you are facing an issue regarding you have an older model lcd, make sure your screen is caliberated to give proper picture, lot of times poor caliberated lcd's cause issues, either they are too bright or too dull
The response time needs to be taken with a bit of salt :D Some report time between gray to gray pixel, some between pixel on to off to on (which is what it should be), some take average, some take best, so in the end you the consumer are completely confused! Google is your friend, there is enough info on the web.
Anyway, the test really is a side by side comparision for at least 30 to 45 minutes. You should watch a fast moving scene, even a tennis match will do and see if you can determine as well the point where the ball hits the ground over a plasma. Response time has gotten faster, however technically it will probably not be possible to be as good as Plasma/CRT. Plasma's require a single impulse as opposed to LCDs. But as I mentioned, this is all meaningless if you cant make out a difference side by side, but the true test is to watch them side by side for at least 30 to 45 mins.

Just to add to what Sridhar mentioned, the response time is also dependent on panel type. A 5ms advertised *VA panel will be slower than a 12ms S-IPS or a 5ms TN panel just because of the inherent panel properties. Personally I've noticed high response time S-IPS panels to have nearly the same response time in practice as compared to others which advertise low response times. At the same time they provide better color purity than either *VA or TN.
Some of these newer lcds with 100hz seem to have solved it to a great extent. But I keep seeing these artifacts in most budget / mid level panels.
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