HDMI signal loss


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Dec 9, 2009
Hi guys

I bought a little home cinema a half year ago:
Receiver: Onkyo 806 --> HDMI to TV
TV: Panasonic PZ80E --> HDMI from Receiver
Speaker: Canton Chrono
DVB-Tuner: Dreambox
Media-Box: Popcorn

I've had the following problem since I used this equipment the first time:
While watching TV using the Dreambox-Tuner, which is connected to the receiver, i get very often a signal loss at the time when a tv commercial is bringed in, or a camera change happens in a ski race or ice hockey game! Same problem when I start a movie with my popcorn media box because the screen changes from menu to the movie beginning!

What happens then:
Every time when i get a signal loss, my tv is gona search a new source for 5-10 seconds and of course finds it's the same source (HDMI2 - Receiver) like before the signal loss!

Things I already tried but without success:
- Change HDMI Cable
- Use another HDMI Port (TV)
- Disable upscaling (Receiver)

Probably there's an problem with the HDMI-Handshake between receiver and the tv. But spend such a lot of money and have such a problem??!!
In another forum they told me to install a new firmware to the receiver, but there is no firmwareupgrade for the onkyo 806!

Is there maybe someone who has the same problem?

Thanks for help!!
Probably there's an problem with the HDMI-Handshake between receiver and the tv.

This is a problem you may have to live with. Basically the same thing happens with all connections. When you have a signal loss in a composite or component connection, you do not get any signal onto the TV, and the TV just displays a blank screen till the signal starts. The same thing happens with HDMI also. The only irritant is that HDMI will immediately display 'No Signal'.

See if you set the signal search to manual in your TV so that irritant is there for a few seconds.

Oh dude, if there's no other reason, it will be hard for me to accept this crap! :cool:

Ok, good idea to set tv source to manual. I'll try it this evening.

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