Hello to All


Apr 11, 2008
Bangalore near Electronics City
Hello dear Forum Members,

My name is Jochen Semler from ?The Listening Room? in Bangalore. As a dedicated audiophile I have been representing CADENCE and their associated companies Siltech, Spendor and SME for two years in Bangalore.
I am looking forward for some interesting threads and discussions about HighEnd Audio and music as well.

Best regards,
Jochen Semler
Hi Jochen,

Welcome to HiFiVision. It is a privilege to have you on board. I look forward to learning a great deal from your posts.
Welcome Jochen

I am sure all of us will learn a lot from you.
The best thing about this forum is everyone is ready to share their knowledge
Hi Jochen,

I have been talking about you on this Forum. So it is really nice to have you join us.
It was a pleasure to interact with you two weeks back, when we bought the Cadence ARISTA for my sister.

I am looking forward to learning more about the great products you use and deal with. Why don't you start a thread educating us on valve based CD players?

Welcome nice to have another audiophile.Please contribute to forum and unleash your knowledge.

We all have respect for cadence.

Hi Jochen,
Nice to see you here.
Looking forward to sampling your home brewed power cords when you get back.
@ all: Thanks for your feedback. We will definetly have a good exchange of posts on various issues of audio.

@ Sharad: There is lots to say about CDPs with valve output stage. The most significant signature is that they have a certain sound which many describe as analogue sounding. And the Einstein is supposed to be the most analogue sounding valve based CDP in the market. I would rather describe this sound as free of any harshness which most other CDPs and even some turntable pickup systems deliver. But if one likes this kind of performance or not is a question of personal preference. What is in my opinion more important is the high current output which results in bass control and transparency even in very complex music. Another important feature of this CDP is the very low output impedance of 50 Ohms. No more matching problems with cables and input impedance of the amp is the result.

@ Kamal: Nice to see you here too. Yes I will definetly send some cables for testing to Delhi also once I am back in India.

Best regards,
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