Help for buying AV System


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Aug 2, 2008
I ve just joined this hifivision forum. My greetings to all my fello-mates.

Kindly help in deciding the folllwoing.

My listening habits is largely on the music part than the video. I listen to classical to rock. I love deep bass of tabla notes of classical and bass guitars of rock. i would sacrifice video to audio if budget does not suit.

I want to purchase the follwing

1. a pair of tower speakers
2. one sub woofer
3. one av reciever

total budget Rs. 50,000

I am not sure if all will accomodate in the budget. Please suggest any other combination if you feel will justify my taste.

As I am from Bhubaneswar (Orissa), choice of brands is limited. Nearest possibility is Kolkata.

waiting for an early response.

At the outset welcome to the HiFi Forum. We do hope you will stay with us even after you install your system and give us feed back on your equipment as well as what kind of music you listen to. We have a separate thread for that - We would love to continue interacting with you.

We have been this route many times with other members. You say you want to listen to music. Why are you looking at an AV Receiver? Please go through the following links, and a majority of your questions will be answered there.

Now let us peep into your future a little. You have three options.

1. If you want just music alone, I would suggest you look at a good CD Player and a matching two channel integrated amplifier. These could be connected to two floor standing two way or three way loudspeakers. Floor standing loudspeakers would, by themselves, deliver the low frequencies as they would have what are called woofers. Why no sub woofer? Well, this is a subjective area. Most audiophiles feel that a sub woofer unnecessarily colors the sound by artificially enhancing the low frequencies. Such enhancement may make sense in a movie environment where you have heavy sounds like thunder, explosions etc. In music, your low frequencies are generated by instruments such as drums, base guitar, or a singer singing in a very low voice such as the African American singers (Harry Belafonte comes to mind). These sounds are generally in the 40 to 80Hz range, and a good floor standing speaker can easily reproduce them with clarity.

2. In this option you can replace the floor standing speaker with a sub woofer, connected to two bookshelf speakers. Between the sub and the bookshelves, you will get excellent audio sound, and the deep bass that you may like.

3. If you current investment is part of a plan to, later on, go in for a home theater, then of course you have to go in for an AVR and the front speakers as well as a sub. You could replace the CD player with a good DVD Player.

Read these links, and tell us what you want - just pure audio, or that you want to take the first step into a HT system. We can then narrow down the choices of equipment that you can audition and buy.

Gautum posted me a PM in answer to my reply. I am posting it here so that others with experience in Sonodyne may also give their comments.

gautampatnaik said:
thnax for the response.

to narrow down on my decision. if i put it more correctly my purpose of buying AV sytem would be for 80% music and 20% video.

though HT is not very much is my choice but occaisonally watching video through hi-fi is a must. a kind of 2.1 channel set-up.

If I get adequate low and highs without a sub I am happy.

For a long term investment, so i was wondering to have a AV reciver with tower and gradually add a sub for heavy rocks / partying / video.

I largely agree with you that sub artificially "enhances" the bass may be when you don't want pure music but a "soothing and thumping noise"

Kindly suggest me a combination with VFM in mind.

In Orissa Sonodyne & Waferdale is avalable. The dealers I ve visited never promote Sonodyne though I read tremondous response by them.

The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.