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help for my 12inch peerless subwoofer build

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rajesh srinivas

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May 30, 2015
hubli (karnataka)
Driver:*Peerless 12" Driver. 4 Ohm and 250 Watts.*
Plate Amp:*Forte 200 Watts amp at 4 Ohm*
followed t. anthony's build for 12inch peerlesss subwoofer,
his threads/posts is as below

T/S PARAMETERS FOR THE SUB from varsha electronics from diyaudiocart
*Fs : 24.94 Hz RMSE - Free 0.43 Ohms
> Re : 3.68 ohms Fs 25.01 Hz
> Qms : 1.17 Re 3.68 Ohms
> Qes : 0.45 Res 9.69 Ohms
> Qts : 0.32 Qms 1.17*
> Le : 0.53 mH Qes 0.45*
> Vas : 256.35 liters Qts 0.32*
> Mms : 59.71 gms L1 0.53 mH
> Cms : 678 L2 1.11 mH
> BL : 8.80 R2 6.09 Ohms
> SPL : 94.7 dB RMSE - Load 1.01 Ohms
> Sd : 518.75 cm2 Vas (SD) 256.35 Liters
Mms (SD) 59.71 Grams
Cms (SD) 678 uM/Newton
BL (SD) 8.80 Tesla-M
SPL ref (SD) 94.7 dB [Re]
Rub -Index 0.14*
Area (SD): 518.75 Sq.Cm
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency response 26 - 220 Hz
Method: Mass loaded - Mmd (100 Grams)
DCR Mode: Fixed (3.68 Ohms)

After adding the specs into WinISD database and done calculation. It recommends:
119.4 ltr. Outer diameter
H = 21 inch
W = 18 inch
D = 19 inch
Vent = 4.02 inch Dia, 5inch Length.
tunning frequency 31.61 hz

But built the box as per anthony's volume 73.34 ltrs
My built external box dimension
H 21 X D 19.5 X W 15.5, internal volume comes to around 77.17 ltrs, adding vol for 1inch dowels bracking on all sides,whereas anthony's is 73.34 ltrs he used fiberglass/putty
My problem is being my room size of 11x22inch ht room
I am not getting much thump/punch I mean it shld make me feel, crossing 200w forte plate amp, filter (80hrz) and eq & vol at 12 'o' clock (half).other wise to much of eq and vol amp starts clipping.
I want the air punch in my chest, I want to feel the power of the bass
need suggestion in this regard if my box vol is correct or port dia and length is correct, or need different box dimension or if 2 subs are needed for my room (already i have bought 2nd sub 12inch peerless).
or I have made a mistake placing dowels instead of bitumen sheets or my box vol is wrong or port length/dia

my port size is 3.5inch, pvc flared both side length is 12inch (end to end of the pvc pipe,or should the length of flare outer diameter of both the radius to be considered for port length calculation,
can somebody help me where did I go wrong.

pics of my enclosure are as below.


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    sub amp.jpg
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