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Oct 2, 2008
hello everyone!

quick intro: im currently studying my bachelors in design (product and ceramics) from the college of fine art in sydney, BUTTTTTT, i live in delhi and can't wait for the day i finally come home :p

always been really into my music, but i guess the bug really bit me when i got my first pair of headphones (grado sr60's) since then its been pretty much all going forward.:p currently i'm running alessandro ms-1 on a meier audio corda 2 move hooked via usb to a macbook pro (itunes-> flac, alac and 320 mp3)

i have a reasonably decent jamo/denon set up at home but i can't for the life of me remember the model numbers.:confused: oh well...:eek:

so thats me. look forward to exchanging notes with you all out there.
much love,
Hi Angad,

A warm welcome to the forum. I have Grado SR60s too, and love using them for night-time listening.

Am not much into ripped music, but wanted to understand if there's a way to play FLAC (native container) in iTunes? I have a few files but iTunes doesn't seem to recognise them or add them to the library.

Have a browse around the forum, many interesting topics going - and we look forward to your contributions.

BTW are you a Beatles fan? Just guessing from the handle you've chosen.


aren't those grado's just the nicest? i miss my pair, its only nostalgia though :D

anyhow, there IS a way to play FLAC. get FLUKE, and then you just drag and drop your files into it, and it will import them to iTunes. this is true for a mac, i am not aware of how this might work in the PC world, sorry.

this is the method i use, but another issue is tagging files and adding album artwork is session specific. that is, my tags are reset to original values if i restart itunes (a real pain)

if i was on windows, id stick to foobar2k and use that to manage any ipod/DAP.

also, since the files are still FLACs despite being imported into iTunes, they will not work on a non rockboxed iPod.

hope that helps.

and yes, im a total beatles fan, though the handle has its own, richly complex story :D

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