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Mar 3, 2008
Check this : QA-550--SD Card WAV Digital Audio Player

Just 115$ ..with remote .
Rip all CDs into 16Gig SD Card..and just play with remote.

some reviews
QA-550 SD card 16/44.1 WAV transport - Page 5 - diyAudio
THANKS kaushik!
It appears to be a chinese product - and not in any derogatory manner but a step in right direction!
I was envisaging a pocket player -a la ubiquitous ipod ,pockatable ,with decent screen ,HDD support and with digital out!
but indeed i feel this is a big step by chinese small "cottage audiophile companies" and this is just the begining!!
Just what I've been looking for!! But how is the inbuild DAC quality? Edit: Oh this needs an external DAC. Thanks.

I could not find any decent reviews of this.

@hemantwaghe ,
It was designed by one guy in DIY Audio ..china people have copied and added a remote .. as there is no moving part so chances of failure are minimum(provided not exposed to faulty power).
They are selling other stuff in audio for some time and good ebay rating.

Main advantage it has I2S out provision ...... you can feed to a good DAC and always get better SQ than SPDIF
It doesn't play Flac so 8gb WAV will mean not as many music files as Flac.. Since I will be using my home PC as a NAS and music server in the long run, how can I add I2S port to my rig? If I dont use an Asus Xonar is there like a PCI card that adds support for it?

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