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Nov 3, 2006
Holophonic recording, also known as holophony or holophonic sound, is an audio recording technique which operates on a similar principle to holography. It is related to the technique of wave field synthesis whereby sound is sampled over an area, usually a sphere, enabling the recreation of the shape of the sound wavefront as well as its direction. It is derived from the Huygens' Principle, which conveys the idea that an acoustical field. The result has been reported to be realistic and life-like three dimensional sounding audio recordings with realism of stereo sound.
High quality sound recordings are generally made today by using "binatural" recording techniques - a two-track recorder is connected to two microphones that are contained within a fuzzy "head". The dummy head contains ears, sinus cavities and other similarities to a human head. This means that the microphones "hear" and therefore record sound more realistically.

Incredible Audtiory Illusions : Holophonic Sound Recordings | 404 Creative Studio

Download VIRTUAL HAIRCUT mp3 from the above mentioned site & listen with HEADPHONES........for exceptional surround sound, you may not have experienced so far.

Holophonic Sound is not ready for your home theatre system yet - it is best heard in HEADPHONES

More info: Holophonic Sound: Interesting Thing of the Day

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It's also best heard through i pod or cell phones.....Enjoy the HAIRCUT
I know this is a very old thread, but I accidentally came across "virtual haircut" and I am stunned!! This is simply by far the most amazing thing I have heard. Anyone who is a part of this forum should experience it at-least once and hence I am reviving this thread.
I guess this is different science, but here's something that can be done with speakers: LEDR - Listening Environment Diagnostic Recording Test

Not so dramatic, perhaps, but still does stuff I didn't think was possible.

There's a whole technology of expensive stuff they do with pilots' headphones, so that the pilot hears different voices coming from different directions to minimise the confusion of ATC, other pilots. I think each head set is customised. Hmmm... had a link once...
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