How poor mp3 is for encoding music!!!

kooldeep, thank you for posting info on tht untouched area..

many new music lovers are ...very busy with collecting mp3

it will enlighten their brains...what is being collected are inferior quality copies of original work
if still wanna cllect mp3.. get 320kbps mp3...they are somewhat ok..also recheck with trick..i have given in my other thread
Hello, Kooldeep.


That is why MP3 is lighter than WAV file. Otherwise you have to carry very heavy file(100Mb per music) with you. You have to compromise.

But you know, Even MP3, quality of MP3 sound depends upon original source and converter/other equipment.

Original source means is it converted from WAV which recorded directly from CD? or else?(through Tape or converted from compressed file as like OGG, WMA, ASF, FLAC etc.) Recording from WAV with direct recording from CD is best.

Coverter means MP3 converter from WAV. If you want to record from external audio component or through amplifier then you must see noise level.

WAV file is almost equivalant to CD, but as Kaushik says 320kbps MP3 is enough.

Its audible as like WAV.

Some people experimented blind test for 256kbps MP3, 320Kbps MP3, WAV.

Amazingly almost people was not able to identify difference between 256kbps, 320kbps and WAV.

Because ordinary human being(some one may special capacity though) has limited capacity as below.

1)Frequency audible by human being is 20-2000Hz(Human being can feel sound)

2)Actual audible frequency is mere 100-1000Hz.

So it is said that MP3 above 192kbps can be audible for music.

Only thing you have to take care is source and coverter/equipment. If you record music by yourself, then you can check, but nobody know how other has recorded.

So its better you buy CD and convert in MP3 above 192kbps, if you want to listen music in good quality.
hello bandobast

pls tell me what if we convert 128 KBps mp3 song to 320 kbps song.????

1 : will increase a quality of song????????
Hello, DarkSideOfWhite.

Once you compressed data to 128kbps, quality of data will not become 320kbps never as like once file size of jpg picture was reduced to 128kb, even you enlarge it to 320kb, picture quality will not come to same before reducing it.
The quality of a MP3 file depends on the software used to create it. For anyone who is interested, there is a listening test currently ongoing at Hydrogenaudio Forums to determine the best MP3 encoder. Since a lot of people on these forums have very high-end audio gear at their disposal, some of you can surely pitch in your contribution.

At the moment, a MP3 file produced using LAME 3.97 (encoder switch --preset-standard) is not distinguishable from the source audio. This means that if created the right way, a MP3 file is as good as the original CD or .wav file.
I believe that the reason many people find that MP3s are of inferior quality is that they "source" their MP3s from someone else and never actually convert their CDs to MP3s. A 128kbps MP3 is 99% of the time of inferior quality, and these seem to be the most commonly found type. Give it a shot. Encode some of your own CDs into VBR MP3s using LAME with the --preset-standard switch. Do a blind ABX test using your own equipment. You will be surprised that most of the time, you won't be able to distinguish the CD from the MP3. Go ahead, try it and convince yourself.

That being said, it is a bad idea to "collect" music in the MP3 format as it is a Lossy format. If a better format is invented in the future, you cannot adopt the new format without quality loss.

The best way out of this is to buy music on physical media like the good old standard Red Book CDs.
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There are people who are satisfied only with lp. That doesnt mean everyone should be so. I used to rip from original cd and store as wav files. Later on i converted them to 256 vbr for two reasons. One, my hard disc space. Two, i could not tell the difference. So it boils down to the person and his system. Even if its possible to know the diff, i wont be rolling out a lot money to get a system to listen to that bit extra. I was never a detail freak.
hdgopala, I agree with you.

Lame 3.97 is famous and recommendable encorder. Though it is not relating to this topic, further one should choose VBR-NEW or VBR-OLD is different in person to person.
Jith77, I agree with you too. It depends upon person to person.

I have iPod Classic 120GB. I don't carry MP3 with me. I keep at home connecting to my Audio set so I can listen CD directly and MP3 is for music downloaded from website only. If its required I lip CD to wav.

Its different topic though, best MP3 player is Cowon's MP3 player(Korean company), iPod is not good in sound quality, I purchased due to file size and after service in India.
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There are quite some mp3 player with good sound. . Rio karma was prefered earlier and now cowon. . And i have a sony hd5. . . Very good sq for a mp3. . .its a bit old though. . .but you need an ipod to show off. . . Rest wont count in comparison. . .people would think that cowon is something like the chinese mobile:p
Jith77, its nice to speak to you.:)

Cowon user is satified due to quality of sound but not quality of product as you said chinese mobile. I heard quite people have problem with this player.

So, though iPod has also problem sometime(battery etc.), but I compromized with iPod due to after sales service(Large share in the market).
This is completely off-topic, but please bear with me for a while...

bandobast and Jith77. I have an iAudio X5 by Cowon that I bought in the US a while ago. It is definitely out of warranty. It works like a charm, except that the battery is dead. Do you know anyone in India who provides service for these things? If so, the person/firm's contact info will be greatly appreciated.
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