ICE upgrade for Santro


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Sep 6, 2008

i have a Santro XO 2007 model...

My current setup is as follows..

Head Unit - Pioneer DEH-3790MP
Front: TS-G412
Rear : TS-G622

The speakers are loaded on the default enclosures

Recently i have been getting a hissing sound from the rear right speakers(whenever there some bassy music)..

So now planning to change the rear pair...

I wouldn't like to get any cutting jobs/mdf trays...looking for a speaker which can be loaded in the provided default enclosure.

willing to spend about 5k for the rears...

in near future(phase 2) will also be changing the front speakers..

so guys...plz advice...
look at
JBL 652 or Ground zero 6 inchers
the GZ's provide nice bass and are good to have if no sub however if youre more interested in clarity go for illusion audio Electra
look at Hermit Audio Pvt. Ltd. for info on the GZ's and Illusion
a 7% disc on the MRP is easy

GZTF 165MK2 or GZTF 16T in Ground zero

EL 62 in Illusion audio

JBL GTO series 6 inch round ask at shop
the GT5 range is a step below the GTO
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i was looking at jbl GTO638...u have given me a new option GZTF 165MK2....

i will not be adding a will need max bass possible from the speakers itself...

so now which among the 2 would u prefer??

also how about getting components for the rear?

btw... in my next phase of upgrade...i was thinking of getting a illusion 4" compos for the i need any amplifier for the compos?
what is the type of music you listen to
do you hear it loud ( basically can you hear the noises of the road?)

the ground zeros are heavy on bass however mids may not be that clear.these speakers are suited for guys who like music a little loud.preffered for hip hop.punjabi music and some rock
i would prefer them over JBL

Illusions i warn you ,are laid back.they are speakers that all may not like.
but they have clear mids.

components at the back are a waste ( and an absolute waste if you dont amplify them)-i would never have them in the back of my hatch.

For the front however i advice components be dont ned to spend too much on an amp.Though its not sacrilege to play compos through the HU
a 2 channel 60 rms amp from JBL or Kenwood or even pioneer can be had for less than 4k.wiring will cost another 800 rs

i dont know much about the santro
can you not get 5 inchers in front?
if not the illusions are the best option since only they sell 4 inch components
@magma, Santro won't take 5" in front ..
You need to alter the front doors and fit 5-1/4" comps..

But, excuse me I am bit skeptical about 4" reproducing proper mid-ranges..

Well, GZ's are too good in bass ..
If you are not planning for sub.. I would suggest Polk Audio db690 or db691 placed in a MDF plank.
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