Inexpensive air gun in Rs300


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Mar 3, 2008
What is it

It is a soldering iron that provides hot air at 200 -300deg temperatures .Used in surface mount soldering see pic of a surface mount IC

Mainly useful for building DAC , reg psu etc.. in SMT format.

New unit : 2.5K MRP

Nothing new there are many how to links: like
Karosium: Surface mount hot-air soldering Iron

Parts needed :
1 cheap soldering pipe shaped ,coil heater type:140/- like this
1acqurium pump + air pipe :130/-
6 inch pneumatic tubing :30/- like this
(my innovation ;)
it withstands approx 100deg, at the coupling end the temp does not go v high).
Super glue , paper etc..

How to : apart soldering iron, remove metal tip.
2.Leaving the front hole (where metal tip was there) cover the other holes with 2 layer of paper
put duct tape to make the paper hold.This is to prevent air leak.
3. connect air pipe to the 6" pneumatic tubing
seal the joint with superglue,put the other end of the tubing to soldering iron metal pipe. with paper as insulator.

4. Close the soldering handle with pipe and wires
mine is taped to hold together."Be careful not to short mains wires".My iron had fully insulated mains wires.
5. Plug in the pump and iron together.
wait 20 -30 seconds... check the temperature by burning some paper. Then try on solder.

More likely the duct tape will smoke a lil bit but will be over
after sometime, do it on a well ventilated room.

Test results :
Does very well in 1.5cm, this one crosses 200deg in 20seconds,I have tested with low melting silver solder..

Nozzle: I plan to add a nozzle to help pointing the hot air..metal nozzle is as easy as cutting a small piece of cheap
jotter refill

Pics (i will add more) :Working unit.. not finalized but works well.

the air pump brand:'tobo' has 2 speeds,silent
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you have to give a name for your air-gun-

how about "DIANA"?

Suri, not sure what you were referring to, but I did have a Diana airgun as kid. It was old, but beautifully made. German I think.
Suri, not sure what you were referring to, but I did have a Diana airgun as kid. It was old, but beautifully made. German I think.

hi argho,


i, too, had a Diana air-gun. - i loved it, used it on only inanimate targets, and used to oil it with singer oil!

hi kaushik,

i used that kind of air pump for my aquariums (freshwater fish)!

is it the same type?

ya suri u can use aquarium pump as i did ..
Soldering iron should be of the pipe type.

It was
recommended that a silicon tubing should be used to couple the air supply due to better heat resistance..

silicon tubing costed 900Rs meter .. vendor asked usage and gave the cheap replacement 30Rs :)
Steps to build the iron
Step 1 :

Step 2 :
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