Issue with 1080P file play


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Apr 21, 2009

I recently bought WD HD Media player. Have been playing around with various movie files to check the performance of Video and Audio.

When i played a sample 1080P the video displayed had artifacts and pixellation around the image movement.

Here are the details

File name : Pixar.Short.Presto.2008.1080p.BluRay.x264-ESiR.mkv
codec : avc1
res : 1920X1080p
frame : 23.97

Any idea what could be the issue and any remedies.

Try it with the WD HD TV output set to 720p 60hz. The output is much smoother / cleaner in my view.
Upgrade your firmware. Chances are, that's a Level 5.1 encode, which the WD had issues with in earlier firmwares.
Also, that is not a sample ;)
I believe you are referring to the strange artifacts which appear whenever you seek a HD movie in a player like VLC on a computer.I experienced it even today when me and my friend tried playing a HD M2TS file on the PS3.We only experienced it for a few secs and then the movie was fine.This could be the same effect which is happening ur WDTV. Usually it should be fine after a few seconds and the movie should continue to play without any pixel artifacts.Its more of a refresh rate issue i guess. If it continues through out the movie,then the remedy will be different,may be upgrading the FW is any might work.
Thank You all for the suggestions. I will upgrade the firmware and try it once again.

I have this file and it plays flawlessly on my WD Tv. As suggested, upgrade the firmware and check settings on your TV.
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