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Jamo c97/c109 impressions

Luxman Amplifiers India


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Jan 16, 2015
We demoed this set at Cinebels in Bangalore. The room was decently setup for acoustics (even the door had some panels, no bass traps but lot of panels, false ceiling).

Setup: Marantz 5008, C97/C109 FS as part of the 5.1 setup
Sound level: -20 db

We played only 4 tracks (took original CD's) and listened to them on one speaker and immediately compared it on the other speaker.

Tracks played:

Sarah Mclachlan - Adia (her unique voice, the subtleties, pronounciation)
Van Halen - Running with the devil (this track can expose any speaker's weaknesses quite easily)
Donna Summer - wanna be loved (pop and dance music combo)
Celine Dion - Power of love (her high pitch singing sequence can unmask a speaker's true ability)

C97 has better resolution, delivers more punch, more stable highs, mids
C109 somehow sounded quite flat as it tended to flatten a voice (even a high energy song) to make it so neutral sounding that a listener can lose interest very quickly.

Movie clip: Vertical limit (5 minutes) - amazing reproduction on the C97. Subwoofer was a tad boomy (lack of bass traps is what the rep told me).

Cost for the FS: 102K
Total system including Galalite screen (8.5x4), vivitek projector (2 lakhs), cables, Marantz 5008 AVR, surrounds, front firing subwoofer - 6 lakhs

Downside: they are 6 ohm speakers, so a lot more power required than 8 ohm

Very good speaker combo i must admit.

Irritated that the store owner barged in during the audition and was telling the rep that someone else had come in and to close the audition soon. They did not seem to take the presence of women seriously enough to speak to their requirements. Ignore WAF at your peril.
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