Jio stb multi channel surround issue


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Sep 19, 2020
Hi friends,i am a proud owner of harmon kardon bds 577 av reciever with blu ray player.It has DD+ and dolby digital decoding available ,it has 3 hdmi inputs,2 toslink inputs ,I have connected Jio stb to hdmi input and output hdmi to TV, The reciever also supports dlna.I am able to recieve dolby digital plus sound in netflix and prime apps.the reciever shows info as DD+.However there is issue in processing of certain files from mobile.
Example there is movie encoded in 6ch surround in my mobile,i use jio home app to cast it to stb,the stb plays the content ,however the content is giving pcm sound output only,no dolby digital or plus.I checked sound settings in jio stb ,there are only two options in digital audio format
PCM,SPDIF and AUTO.I Have selected auto.It seems like jio stb is unable to process multi channel surround file nd outputs it as pcm only.Although the jio stb box is quite well built with 4k and good gui,some features are locked as its based on custom android ,I raised issue with jio stb technical team,they frozed the moment i asked them this question.they were giving me pre automated replies and do it yurself pre configured queries only.any idea how to go over this
Talked to jio customer care they said we raised an SR for your concern and today they closed SR without any logical response,says use volume button to turn up or down volume.bunch of idiots sitting there.