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Aug 14, 2009
Hello forum members, long ago I was a music/electronics hobbyist used to assemble amps and speakers now adays I have lost touch.

While browsing I came across this forum and found it very informative and useful. Now I could sync myself with latest technology. Thanks a lot everybody for that.

My existing 7 years old Pioneer HT occasionally refuses to play DVDs. However the DDII/DTS Decoder and 5.1 amp are functioning properly. So I bought a Pioneer DV-410V dvd player and connected to the existing HT. Result is good. However I thought of replacing the old Pioneer HT with a decent entry level receiver and speakers ofcourse within a limited budget of 30K that too in stages. After going through your informative forums, I have realised that it is unachievable. However I still need some one to suggest how to build a 5.1 HT in stages using my new Pioneer DV-410V dvd player.
Welcome to HFV!

If 30k is your total budget for a HT, refer to some of the recent threads in the HTIB section. Your options will be pretty limited in this case (Onkyo, Yamaha, HK+JBL HTIBs).

If it is otherwise and you plan to spend 30k now and more later, upgrade the front 2.0 speakers and possibly the center as well now and then look at the surrounds later. As you have a working AVR, you could look at it as the last piece to replace.
Thanks a lot skumar for the suggestion. Today I am planning to visit some chennai shops and enquire price and specs. I will keep posted the progress.
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