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Which LCD you own/prefer in 40/42" category

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To me Panasonic gives Natural colours & performance.

Sony colours (except X series)looks unnatural.
Samsung better than Sony ,but moving objects are not smooth.
I know its poll,but whats your opinion abt Sharp LC-32A33M?

Its almost 34k with optical aud out.

Anyone knows ?

Most of you might have visited a TV showroom having lots of LCD TVs. Som eo fthem play a beach scene showing shallow waters. Have you tried looking at how this is rendered by different panels.

If you see a beautiful girl or a fish swimming around, you can see rich colours and you can differentiate the panels based on contrast and richness. But some of the images like shallow water gives a better information in terms of rendering objects.

I bought my LG 37LC7R based on this.

Just a thought.
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