Looking for a cassette deck


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Dec 19, 2007
I live in Bangalore and I am looking for a cassete deck that can go along with Marantz amplifier. If they are not available in India, can any cassette player ( i have an AIWA NSX-V770) do?
V S Sreedhara

u can use any cassette deck with ur marantz amp. Aiwa would be oktoo. Since this is a dying(dead) medium u can even get a used nakamichi for about 10K!!!! which is a machine in a different league. I believe the Yamaha decks are decent too particularly the 580 which is a three head deck. Last year i bought a new nakamichi DR 10 (last tape deck made by nakamichi) from london for about 9000 Rs equivalent!!! which last retailed in mumbai for 68000/-.

good luck in ur search.
Thank Dinyaar for the reply. I will post a few more quiries after I search a little bit here in Bangalore.
V S Sreedhara
Marantz has a model, SD4051, currently in production. It's decent quality. If service support is a priority you may be better off with this one since it's still in production, and officially sold in India.

Hope this helps.

Hi VS,

To add a bit more on tape decks. I have checked out the currently available decks from denon and onkyo and unless u really want things like Auto reverse, continuous playback etc.. they are way inferior to any of the older decks of the 90's. Back then this medium was alive and companies were still making them with some R&D and verve. Also the denon dual retails for about 18K and i think u would be better of looking for used Sony, technics, pioneer etc which with a liitle effort can be had for about 5 K and are better sounding.
In 2006 i sold two tape decks for 2500/- each. A technics (cant remember the model) and a denon. Both were made in japan and working fine. Both were single decks(always better) and had bias control(useful in recording) and had Dolby B/C.
Am sure u will find many more fools like me to sell u a decent tape deck at similar rates.

Regards and good luck in your search.
people are still looking for cassette decks :) I was looking to dump it.

Now I consider myself lucky, I'm still holding on to my beloved Panasonic double deck with auto-reverse.

I still actively use my cassette deck, it is a Nakamichi DR3 which I got from a close friend (who purchased it new), with limited use. I must say, its a splendid 2-head machine with audiophile grade performance. Its performance is so good that only a NAK 3-header can compete with it. My brother owned a Denon DRM500 and the NAK was miles ahead, even though the Denon was a very good deck with features like Dolby HX Pro and so on. It is so good that it has re-kindled my interest in the cassette format. I still use cassettes in my car. I understand that my friend paid about Rs.60,000+ for it.
I have a couple of Cosmic K-8 tape decks.Working perfectly.Dolby NR, bias adjustable, Stereo vu meters,headphone and line out,Line in, Stereo mic in.Interested in selling at 5000Rs each.As said, in perfect working order oh yeah and those are logic control systems.( non mechanical switches,just click and it operates)
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