Looking to buy a good music system


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Aug 30, 2009
Looking to buy a good music system with the following components : amplifier, subwoofer, 7 speakers (5 in 1 room-wall mounted, room size approx.200 sqft), 2 in adjacent room (room size-300 sqft), connected to a LG HD LCD TVand Philips DVD player (already in plc..Budget upto 2lacs..80% music (classic rock) and 20% movies...What is the best combination? Really want to get a fab system with great output...

Mordaunt Short Avant
902i front & surrounds
905i center
309i sub woofer
Yamaha 556

9.1 front & surrounds
9cs center
SW150 sub woofer
Yamaha 556

A320 7.1
Marantz SR4003

7 speakers & sub woofer
Denon 1909

? Harman Kardon AVR 340/345/341
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For 80% music you are better off investing in a good stereo system. Even the Philips DVDP will have to go and you will need a good CDP or else convert/assemble a PC to play the music.

For under 1 lac you can go for Yamaha 863/663 and Q-Acoustics 1010i 7.1 package which will do a good job for music and movies. This setup at under 1 lac will perform as good as any other unit which will cost Rs. 1.5 lac or so. In fact the difference will be evident only after the margin is more.

My recommendation is go for this and save on the remaining 1 lac or else use it to setup a separate unit for music in which case the Yammy can be changed for another AVR like Onkyo or Denon.

Either way make the decision and let us know...
like moser said if youre mostly into music then spend it on a good stereo set up. simple 2.0 (or if you miss the hard hitting bass in the movies then a 2.1). much better sound quality

if you go stereo for that budget the monitor audio silvers rs6 are good (new model rx6 launching in sept) paired with a nad / marantz / cambridge amp (and you'll still save some). if you still want to go surround sound try the marantz or the onkyo for amps. speakers there are plenty of them out there but the monitor audio bronze and kef iq series are good too.
please help with the config that i have listed coz i have heard them and they all sound good...but not able to decide on which one....

Your need of a 5.1 system is in major contradiction with you using the system for music 80% of the time.

You need to take a big decision first. Do you want a Hifi system or Home Theatre?

Once u take this decision, u'll get plenty of help here.
Vikram. what is the status of your purchase decision? We can offer some specific advices, lead you through some audition and conclude your configuration.

You have ample budget and I am sure you can have a good system for yourself.

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