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Jan 27, 2008
Am having Onkyo SR 505 and recently got the Pioneer DV 600V DVD player. I am wondering how do I transfer control of DVD remote to the remote control of Onkyo receiver ? I read the instructions and they provide a code for Onkyo DVD players but not for others.
I will probably extend it to my setup box for Cable, but I hardly watch TV nowadays.

Thanks and regards

setup: Onkyo SR 505, Elac FS 58, Pioneer DV 600V.
Sounds like you may need a 3rd party "learning" universal remote instead. Sony, Logitech, Philips and Cambridge Audio offer such devices. The Logitech 625 (not 525 popular in India!), 885 and 1,000 are possibly the better options having PC connectivity to download updated databases from the web as well as macro functions.
You can use the Onkyo receiver remote (I think urs is universal)They have code for most of the things you can think of in user manual
Universal remote control

I am having a logitech universal remote control, which is very good.

I have done several programmes on it.

If i click projector lift, the lift comes down from the ceiling, than after 10 seconds all the lights close in slow motion, it takes 30 seconds for the lights to close, than after 10 seconds, the foot light and rope light is on.

If i click play movie, it will on the projector, dvd player and av receiver, and it will bring the screen down from the ceiling.

If i click interval, it will stop the above equipments, put the lights on in slow motion, and than play some instrumental music.

If i click interval end, it will do the reverse of above.

If i click movie end, it will close all the systems, and put the lights on in slow motion, and shall play some music.

If i click theatre exit, close everything, and i can move out of the mini theatre.
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All you need is to know the code of your particular DVP. Once you know the same feed it manually. The best place to find the same is product support site. Or if you are not feeling very lazy just hit google. With a bit of luck on your side you'd be able to fish it out pretty soon. And then...
Vinay, that is interesting. May I ask which model of Logitech Harmony you are using? Is it 880 or 1000? I thought Logitech remotes could not send X10 commands to lights, etc. Are you using a central X10 transceiver module?
Dear Vinay,

I have gone through your home theator setup, I really appreciate your passion for HT setup.The hardwork & patience (off course money also) which have been given has created a masterpiece. hats off to you. Thanks for sharing, master piece of your creation.

Mohan Lal,
Dy.GM(South)BSNL, Ludhiana
Dear Ashok,

Actually the remote included with 505 is non learning remote it may be able to control only those components which have been listed in the manual. you will not be able to teach commands for other non onkyo components. I am also using onkyo setup fortunately the remote which was included with my 603 was learning remote, now the same is icluded 703 onward receivers. I controlling all my setup cambridge CD palyer, NAD Amp, Tata sky, My windows media centre HT PC, DD dish and of course onkyo DVD 501 along with Onkyo tape deck.
Pl. consult your receiver manual for controlling componets and if you donot have manual download it from site.
Remote control universal


You are right it is logitech harmony 880.

I have programmed scenes for the lights, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, like before the movie starts it is set to 100%, during intervals it is set to 50%, while listing to music it is set to 25%, moreover with this remote i can make the lights dim to 5% too.

With this universal remote, i do not have to use the eight remotes which i have, i think universal remote is a must for home theatre.

I have stored eight pictures of my mini theatre in the remote, it has a slide show, which is just too good.
The Red Mini Theatre

Mohan, i thank you very much that you have liked my mini theatre, true there was a great deal of passion, hard work and patience, as far as the money goes, the cost escalated too much, it was like a tap was left on, the water was just flowing.

There are just too many people who have seen my mini theatre, they also say that it is a master piece, i used to eat, drink, sleep, theatre, the amount of dry runs and related which i did on most of the things were extensive, i have seen pictures of around 20 home theatre's i and my friends found my theatre the best among them, as technically a lot of acoustic treatment has been done, other technical details have been taken care of, and the best is that, it is a dedicated theatre room, generally people have a home theatre in the living room.

I did go wrong at certain places, of which was pointed by some members on this site, and i too realized some errors, but thank god, over all it turned out to be a good one, otherwise 4 magazines would have not covered this theatre, and now times of india, is also on the verge of covering my theatre.

I have shown the pictures of my theatre, because i believe in sharing the knowledge.

Thank you very much.
How is the Elac sound in a long term? I demoed it and found it was pretty tight. How are you finding them.

Hi Ranjeet,
I am bit novice in hi-fi jargon, but I gather you meant whether the speakers were more expressive for different ranges after having run for many hours. I do agree that when I first heard the Elac it was a bit less crisp and sharp compared to say Whaferdale or a Jamo. There is a lot of bass which sometimes was annoying - but I doubt if I need a subwoofer now :) . So thanks to the 505 I have reduced the bass output and also plugged the two bass cones in the speaker.
Then on, after couple of months of regular played, the other day when I played Jesse Cooks, I noticed the difference. It was just right bit of sharpness and treble. Not too crisp on high frequencies and after hours of listening also, it was not tiring at all. (I do not play the volume high). However, U2 did gave me a huge bass output which made listening much less pleasant, I must confess.
I am also amazed by the fact that so few people have auditioned Elac or talked about it. Somehow for a 3-way, I felt the price (~30k) was a good match. Elac needs good drivers was one other learning for me. Hope I have answered what you asked and was helpful.

I've logitech harmony 1000 programmed for controlling the full house via X10, including heating, lighting, electric PJ screen etc.

This is controlled via Marmitek IR mini controller

Vinay, that is interesting. May I ask which model of Logitech Harmony you are using? Is it 880 or 1000? I thought Logitech remotes could not send X10 commands to lights, etc. Are you using a central X10 transceiver module?

Hi Ashok,

Very well explained. I must say you got a good deal if you got them for 30k.

Plugging in the bass cone was a right move. Also I have a feeling they will get better with more use. May be you can run them out of the phase for a few days on a low volume.

This page says your Onkyo has a Pre-Pro/Learning Remote, whicg is a good news!

Hi again
So I looked up the codes for my dvd player [pioneer dv 400 - code 368] and the cable/sat box [humax nd 1000c - code 0863 ]. With great expectations, I punched in the number in the Onkyo remote [sr505 - supposedly a learning one]. The dvd button blinked twice after pressing in the number for dvd player. Still no response from the player. I tried the same cable/sat and no response.
So I could have got the codes wrong or perhaps it just does not work with onkyo remote :(. Now I am wondering, even if I buy a universal remote, I may still have the same issue.
Can somebody please help me out.

Ashok, you are facing quite a struggle, i had faced several problems and related, but i traced my way out, i had contacted the logitech's office in mumbai, they had come over, and solved a lot of the issues, than i came across a guy who had considerable knowledge on this remote, so he too helped me a lot, i paid him consultation, so now whenever i need some changes, etc, i call these people, and not to forget that logitech has a toll free number of malaysia, they too have helped me a lot, and please be assured that with the branded universal remotes, things can just not go wrong.

Thank you.
Sounds frustrating. But the only thing that can be done is - to try again. The DVP should not need its own remote but cannot rule out that possibility. Many manufacturers do that.
Universal Remote control

Members at this forum did try their best to help ashok, but the matter remains unresolved.

The logitech remote is dual, it is a learning one and universal too, it is just that ashok needs to find a better way out, or he has to follow the lines, by which i handled my problems over the remote.
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