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Dec 18, 2008
Any views on the new Marantz SR6004 AVR. It has Bluetooth and iPod support plus all qualities of Marantz SR6003. Has anybody else demoed out used it? any reviews?


P.S.- Getting it for approx. Rs45K
Went blind on this one based on performance and quality of predecessor SR6003. Purchase price was Rs45000. Unfortunately had to settle for silver colour.

Extra features is 1 HDMI more, iPod/iPhone compatible, Bluetooth and 10W more power.

Price was the same for both the models.

6004 at 45k is a steal..
What is the warranty that the dealer offered? 1yr or 3yrs.
Just 15 days back I had inquired about 5003 in delhi, last price was 41k, and 6003 was more than 50k, also running low on stock..
AFAIK, there is no authorised dealer of Marantz in India.
Hence all the warranty offered is from the dealer and not from the company.
So all Marantz products being sold are from grey market. Pls correct me if I am wrong.
Even then, 45K for 6004 seems a really good price.
I wish if I could get this deal in Delhi.
This is from grey market in Heera Panna. There is no warranty other than whatever the seller is willing to give. Usually if you buy regularly from the same guy your mobiles, cameras, camcorders etc., they take back or repair faulty items. They have changed defective iPod speakers for me once.

SR6003 was also offered to me for 45k and SR5003 for 39k. Then he found about SR6004 and said that he can give one piece for 45k after 2-3 days. This is being used by my brother. Hope it works out fine.

Raghav Bihani

There is one Refex Pro Acoustics based out of Chennai who used to advertise on Marantz products in AV Max magazine. Not sure whether they are authorized dealers/distributors in India for Marantz products. Few weeks back I just called them up (Aldrin whose number was available on AV Max) and checked the prices. SR5003 was quoted around 47k (not able to recollect the exact figure) and SR6003 at 70k (All MRPs). He specifically said these are MRPs and indicated there is scope for further negotiation!

Refex Pro Acoustics is the authorized dealer for Marantz in India(there is reference to the same in some threads on this site and some other places on the net).They offer 3 yrs warranty support for the A/V receivers. I am not sure about the after sale support though, also as they are located in Chennai, you need to send your equipment to their workshop.

Earlier Sharda Motors based in Delhi used to be the official dealers for Marantz products(you will find that they still stock a lot of 4002/5002s and claim that only this series is officially available in India). These guys provide 1 yr warranty.

The other dealers are basically all importers who get the stock directly or through a 3rd party and provide after sales support themselves.
So If you are purchasing from one of these guys and are looking for after sales service choose a distributor which has good technical support team or links with people who can get the equipment repaired..

Also the link mentioned in the previous post, the contact address shows a email id as: [email protected], which gives the feeling that the owner of the site has a shop and not a company.

My first choice was always Marantz (wanted 6003, but was getting 5003), but choose Yamaha (863) instead as these guys have official support center in Gurgoan, which is nearer to my place.
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Thanks for clarifying jayad08.I didn't notice it.
Long time back I checked out their website to refer prices.

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