MARANTZ SR 5002 - Bi Amping possible or not?


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May 15, 2009
Guntur (AP)
I will be getting these in a week's time...

Marantz SR 5002
Wharf Dia 9.1
Wharf SWF 150 (sub)

Due to budget constraints had to stick with the 2.1, would add FS's & center later...

I was going thru these manuals and i noticed that the Marantz had a switch option on the rear as Speaker C (On/Off) where the rear surrounds are activated as Speaker C. It was mentioned briefly, that it can be used for bi-amping.

Secondly, the Dia 9.1 manuals read that these speakers can be bi-amped...

Now I wanted to know...

a) can the marantz act as a biamp for the dia 9.1
b) how do i connect them (which output to use for the bass and tweeter driver)
c) do i have to be concerned of the impedances and frequncies that can be handled by the drivers..

Has anyone done this... some info on the above would be of great help to extract more from my avr.

Thanking You...:)
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