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My Demo of the Yamaha RXV 363 at Xcite Hyderabad

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Mar 21, 2008
I had an opportunity to demo the RXV363 at Xcite, the RXV463 had some problem and he could not place it in the demo.

The unit was connected to a Jamo 5.1 Speaker system and we first struggled with a Phillips DVD player which refused to output multichannel to the receiver and sent only 2 channel audio.

The Philips DVD player interface was extremely confusing and frustrating. Then the sales person said he would get a sony player instead and connect it. I agreed. Immediately, the RXV363 locked on to Dolby Digital though coax.

We first played a few Hindi movies and it sounded good, then i played some regional films in DTS which was revelation as many minute details came though in the sound which were just muddled in my onkyo SR504.

One hr into listening, i started tweaking the sub woofer and channel distance levels and set them up. Suddenly the whole sound field fell into place and everything was clear and precise with impact.

The tone settings on the receiver were set to bass +2 and treble 0. All speakers set to small.

Vocals were superb and the bass on DVD's was exceptional and it drove the sub woofer perfectly.

I could not listen to much of music on the system. I loved the movie performance though, only drawback is lack of DTS Neo 6. I didn't use any DSP modes and used pure Dolby Digital and DTS processing. The Yamaha has a wonderful DTS decoder compared to many other brands out there.

The amp has adequate power and we never crossed the -15 mark on the volume and the output was clean and did not cause any strain, the tonal balance remained intact even as i pushed up the volume. In my onkyo it falls apart and becomes unbearable.

The room size was around 12 feet long and 8 feet wide and 9 feet high with reflective flooring which was smooth.

The previous demo i had with the same receiver 2 days back was with the Yamaha speakers which was quite a let down, but even there the tonal balance of the Yamaha came though quite well.

During many songs and dialogues, the store person was saying it was like live sound and not amplified:)

This is my first complete audition of the Yamaha and i am really satisfied and also angry that i could not audition these superb receivers earlier.

The Xcite store person Mr Sridhar was very friendly and gave a nice demo.