My Mini Beast - Hitachi HMA G2 Power Amp


Sep 23, 2007
Hi All
Acquired this vintage & used beast today
I know it is 60 + 60 W Rms ,Hitachi HMA-G2
Any history? Info?
I tried without Pre amp with Marantz CD 6000 ( It has volume control ) but i think better control is required as volume is too loud?
Also is Pulz pre amp will be ok? or someone is arranging Vintage Kenwood - any expereice with it?
My speaker set is Solid Mini Bookshelf & Solid Passive Sub ( Solid is low cost brand of B & W)
Another Kit - Kenwood Tuner & One 2 channel Onkyo TX 8511 Receiver ( Bottom Unit in last photo )
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The amplifier Looks great Mr. Hemant , Hope the sound is also good . I have once seen a Hitachi Power amplifier ( dont know the model number ) but it ws quite heavy , the sound was very good. BTW how much did you pay for it?

Amp looks great! One small voice of concern: I hope you've stacked up those components one on top of the other only for the photograph. Otherwise, if that's how you're using them on a daily basis, I would sincerely recommend getting an AV rack, specially with all that weight on the CD player. I hate to see good equipment being abused...;-)
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