NAD C320BEE Remote Problem


Oct 12, 2006
I have a NAD C3200BEE with SR5 Remote, bought from M/s Lakozy Impex, Mumbai in 2006.

Last week, I found the battery chamber of the remote flooded with battery leakage fluid. I cleaned & put new batteries after the chamber was completely dried.

The remote is okay except for the volume buttons on it. The volume knob is not operable with the remote & the volume knob has to be turned manually now.

Could anyone suggest where I can get the remote repaired ?
In a Nad remote if the volume does not work, it is pretty much useless isn't it. There are not many functions other than volume anyway. This is something you can try.

Open the remote and clean all parts gently with IPA (isopropyl alcohol). This should bring back remote to life. If it does not get a logitech harmony 525. It works perfectly with the Nad C320 and will also help you do away with the multitude of remotes you may have
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