Need a Budget 21-Inch CRT for around Rs.7,000; any brand


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May 5, 2008
I need a 21Inch CRT for around Rs.7,000, Good Picture quality & Audio for that price.
I saw some Akai, Sansui model comes with more features in Low Prices, any users with any of them, any suggestions.

I want the TV to work for atleast 3 Years without any Problem.

I found Philips TV Model 21PT2217B/94 for Rs.7,790.00*
Display screen type: Real Flat picture tube
Output Power: 200W PMPO
Power consumption: 70 W

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Any other better models available in Hyderabad, India for that Price or the Less with more features.
Akai-CT-22NS CI Price: Rs 6,650 (22-Inch)
LG-21FC2AB CI Price: Rs 6,900
Philips-21PT2217/94 CI Price: Rs 6,500
Sansui-S2S 21* CI Price: Rs 6,400
LG-21FA2RG-AX CI Price: Rs 6,650

Flat TV, 200+W PMPO (Preferable models)
Sansui-HARDROCK 30I CI Price: Rs 7,450
Panasonic-Tau FX 21FX20CG21 CI Price: Rs 7,295
Sansui-SLIMEX 214 CI* Price: Rs 8,490
Samsung-CS-21Z30MA* CI Price: Rs 7,400
Sanyo-Super Slim CJ21FS2M MRP: Rs 9,875
Akai-CT-2210W Slim CI Price: Rs 8,400

Any Users of the above models or Brands, ur recommendations please!
For CRT, I have found Sony and Panasonic to give the best picture quality as well as connectivity (component input, etc.). Would suggest you look at their models first.
Yea will check for Panasonic, I was looking for Samsung, LG & Philips as they widely available models in India.
The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.