Need suggestion to move Voltage Stabilizer close to DB box


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Sep 15, 2009
Currently my Bedroom floor space is occupied by Subwoofer & Voltage Stabilizer.
Due to shortage of space, I am thinking of shifting my Voltage Stabilizer from my Bedroom to Hall as a wall hanging unit next to Power Distribution Box (DB Box).
Earlier I bought a Maxine 2KVA Servo Heavy Duty Voltage Stabilizer calculating the power consumption of Onkyo 6200 Receiver+Subwoofer+LCD TV + XMP + DVD Player + PS2 which came close to 800 watts alone. Infact, I went twice or more the total calculated wattage by purchasing 2KVA.
Now If I move the stabilizer out of my Bedroom and enroute the current supply to my whole bedroom via my 2KVA stabilizer, it should also support 800watts + 2 fan + 2 Tube Light + Laptop + mobile charger + cordless phone + FM radio + 1TB external Hard Disk for its usage inside the Bedroom.
I need your suggestion as to whether it is advisable to do this shifting ?
I hope this is not abnormal and I am not the first person to do this kind of shifting.
Any help will be much appreciated.


2 kva is equiv to 1600 Watts. With 25% headroom it can support around 1200 watts.
Ur total loading is coming to approx 1250 watts if everything is put on simultaneously. So you should go for around 2.5kva unit.

As for the concept of connecting a complete room to servo - no sweat.
In my parents house we have connected the complete lighting circuit thru a 4kva servo. Has been working since 1985. Only need to do some maintenance once in 5 or 6 years.
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