Newbie to world a Hi Fi needs help to get amplifiers for Polk Monitor 40


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Sep 22, 2008
Hi all,

this is my first post.....:)

Well I am new to world of Hi Fi and lossless music...

I recently got a killer deal on a pair of Bookshelves Polk Monitor 40....

Now I just need a amp to feed the speakers from my computer (HTPC).....

I am on a very tight budget....say max 8k only :eek:

I live in help with local dealers and online retailers if they can ship without damage....

Listened to Norge Ref 2000 which was quoted at 12.5k and out of budget....

Might think of building a amp too....and people are helping me in that reagard but problem is the external casing of a home made amp....don't want it to look like a science experiment
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You can get a Craftel amp for your budget with an output of about 100 watts per channel. Craftel amps are made here in Chennai. Mark is the owner of Audiocraft that makes the Craftel amps.

You can either get in touch with Mark directly, or I can deal with him on your behalf.

Another option is to look for second hand amps.


thanks for the reply....

I am trying to get a T amp as my room is pretty small an want to try a T amp with a DIY pre amp and save for a better amp later....:rolleyes:

Thanks for ur help...will surely contact u in case i need help....:)
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