Norge 2060 + Wharfedale diamond 9.2 or Polk Tsi 200


Sep 18, 2009
I have bought Norge 2060 amp: 80W at 4 ohms. Looking to buy Diamond 9.2 or Polk TSi 200 to pair. Have auditioned diamond 9.1. It does hear good except the bass. I need a little more punch from the BS. My budget also limited to <20000. How is Polk TSi 200? Is it good in midrange and bass? Not so particular about the highs.
The TSI 200 has somewhat exaggerated highs and bass. I found it to be a little dhinchack. The Wharfedale is more refined with a warm sound signature and adequate bass (although not as prominent as the TSI200). Overall, I prefer the Wharfedale. HOWEVER, your preferences may vary and I would recommend listening to both. Also, I'm not sure of the amp pairing so would recommend that you take your amp along for demo.
Hai rams1977,

Congrats on your purchase of NORGE 2060. I too am using NORGE 2060 since last 10 months , paired with my 3-way DIY . Recently I had the opportunity to audition the amp with Wharfedale 9.2 at Srikarkav's place. I am listing my experience as below:

Tracks played :
1. Hotel California - Eagles (Studio Version)
2. Tamil Film Songs from Alaigal Oyvathillai.

First we played through Srikarkav's Setup Marantz CDP and Amp :
The soundstage was wide, nice Treble and sound was bit laid back, Seperation of instruments and their placements was good.

Then we switched to NORGE 2060 + Marantz CDP:
Now the bass was more punchy, Treble was same as before, very crisp, the Vocals were very clear and Overall performance was very good.

Now we switched to Oppo 980H + NORGE 2060 :

In this combination, the Overall soundstage was not as wide as before. The Vocals were not full bodied though they were very clear, treble was adequate, the bass was presentbut a bit less.

The Verdict IMHO : The Wharfedales 9.2 is a very good sounding all rounder suitable for all genre of music. It gives a good bass for small rooms. It has a laidback sound with least fatigue for the ears and not harsh on the ears. But it needs a good sturdy stands and some breathing space all around. Its good value for money and pairs well with NORGE and Marantz amps.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr.Sridhar and his family, who played great host and especially to his son Mr.Karthik, who was very helpful in setting up the rig as well as changing them as and when required.


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Thanks murali. It was a pleasure to have you home.I think you are going to settle with speakers of your liking soon and i wish you more sweet musical hours.

@rams I think the 9.2s may fit your bill exactly.I can't comment about the Polks as i have never heard them. But they don't enjoy a good reputation here in the forum for music.So do an audition with your own amp, and with your stated preferences i think you will like the 9.2s.

I have heard the 9.2s only with my Marantz amp till murali brought his Norge to my home.I was convinced that the Marantz sweetens the sound a little after hearing the Norge+9.2 combo. Norge gives a more honest rendering of the music IMHO.But don't get me wrong. I love the music Marantz gives thro the 9.2s.Who doesen's want a little sweetness in life?:)

The Oppo 980H+9.2 combo, though giving a decent output lacked the sound stage of the Marantz CDP.But it is way ahead of the ordinary DVDPs.The video of the Oppo is a pleasure to watch even on my CRT.

I have bought Norge 2060 amp: 80W at 4 ohms. Looking to buy Diamond 9.2 or Polk TSi 200 to pair. Have auditioned diamond 9.1. It does hear good except the bass. I need a little more punch from the BS. My budget also limited to <20000. How is Polk TSi 200? Is it good in midrange and bass? Not so particular about the highs.

i am using polk tsi 200 for surrounds great sounding speakers bro and also value for money though more here are diamond fans :)
Murali, the tracks you played are also among my favourites. Do you think a dedicated CDP(even used one) is better than playing through laptop with sound card.I feel the convenience of the latter with even a slight drop in quality should be ok.

BTW, i've only bought cassettes of the 70s/80s(discarded now). Dont know how the CDs sound. What is the best sounding record company for Tamil CDs for such songs.
Hai Cooltoad,

A dedicated CDP is much better IMHO, but I have not heard thro PC Soundcard like Xonar etc. hence cant comment or compare.

As far as Tamil Film CDs (80s ) are concerned the less the said the better it is , because I was disappointed with the Recording quality of a couple of them, and hence prefer the Vinyl Conversions of the same.

Hi murali,

thanks for the review. short and sweet(i lose interests in reviews when they start growing long). From your opinion i got a hint that Norge is better than Marantz when paired with Wharfs. that sounds interesting. I personally have never heard Marantz. i have leistened to norge 1000 and 2000 mosfet with Norge BS. i liked them when Mr Bajaj Played Jagjit singh but not much when he played my CDs. here i must clarify that he was using a simple philips CD player which may not be comparable to Marantz CDP.

Obviously i can't accept Norge is sounding 'better' with Wharfs:D.It depends on how do you want to hear your music.I will prefer Marantz over the Norge.

Do not miss to check out the Mission M33i's. Its a smaller floorstanders and a decent sounding speakers with sufficient bass reproduction for small rooms.

Well if you can stretch your budget a little more then check out the M34i's which is the next higher model to M33i's available less than 25K. An excellent speaker and a complete Value-for-money unit.

Ramesh @ Bangalore
hey, if punch is what you're looking for then definitely try out the Epos ELS8. Excellent, polite speakers with a good mid-range and a some serious punch.

If you just generally want gloriously good speakers for around that budget, then try out the Usher S520 :), less punch than the ELS8 (and the wharfedales), but in pretty much every other regard, superior to all of them, IMHO.
Hi guys
At last heard the combination Norge 2060 and Wharfie 9.2 @ Grandcinema, chennai last saturday. I took these CDs:
1. Bheema (Tamil movie songs)
2. History (disc 2)
3. Nirvana Live - Yep the grunge band live at MTV unplugged

Ok Ok about source: not a dedicated CDP. its a cambrdge audio DVD player (don ask me model names). A sample of what i heard:

First up, Bheema:
Oru mugamo paced very well and spot on.
Mudhal mazhai ( I jus lov this. The constant bass BGM blows me off). vocals very clear. Bass tight.
Rangu rangamma (skipped this after a while as i hate this song). But i should say the bass was tight but did sound like some one hammering on my head and thats also why i hate this song.

Next up, Nirvana live:
Picked up the pace with About a girl. I have not heard Guitar grumming to be this good. Same with Plateau, All apologies

Something in the way. The slow lonely guitar and the low hum of Kurt cobain were very clear. Transient response was also good.

History disc 2:
Earth song. Transient response very good. MJ sounded nice and front.
This time around. Starts with good tight bass. sure enough to make anybody sit down and take a look at these beauties. Once again transient response is very good. clear vocals.

Overall i liked the combination although i must admit that im not an audiophile.

I have already booked 9.2s. so waiting for them and burn-in to get over.

Hi ram,

Welcome to the club and congrats! You dont have to be an audiophile to enjoy the music:). Give the wharfies some 150+ hours and get 14 or 16 AWG speaker wires.The 9.2s will give you nice company during your musical journey.They are worth every paisa you have spent on them.

Have a blast and do post your impressions after the speakers get a due burn in.

Hi Sridhar
Thanks for the invite. You and Murali really gave some useful tips. Yeah 3-4 hrs per week works out to about 6 months of Burn-in time!!. Hmmm...

I have already booked 9.2s. so waiting for them and burn-in to get over.


Congrats Rams, what color you've booked. I asked for the cherry but it is not available, so keeping my fingers crossed.will have to book either walnut or black.
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