onkyo 5105 at 23 k ..good or bad?

The only advantage in this package is active sub . Other speakers are ordinary. You will repent later on if you prefer this HTIB as you have to shell down again on speakers . Opt to a AV receiver around this price and build up THE SYSTEM with good speakers. Mr.Srinivas , territory Mgr ,Onkyo Showroom, will be definitely offering you a good receiver at this price . Also try for Denon/Marantz/Pioneer receivers available at Babukhan Mall , vector systems at Nagarguna circle, sound and vision at somajiguda. Try even JBL at I max theatre.
wat about replacing the speakers of 5105 later on..with the set of few gud 1s..keeping the same sub woofer
wat about replacing the speakers of 5105 later on..with the set of few gud 1s..keeping the same sub woofer

Onkyo's 5105 HTIB's speakers are sufficient for watching movies in small rooms, but sounds crap for music. You will definitely need a pair of bookshelves to compliment the set sooner or later.

The set lacks the punch required for watching action movies, but is equivally good for watching dramas.....I used the 5205 and added wharfedale di9.2 for listening to music. After two months, I got rid of the 5205 and got the bigger TX-SR606.

Yamaha or Denon HTIB would be a better choice for watching movies, but rather flat sounding for music. IMHO I would recommend you to spend on separates. Go for the AVR + front (bookshelves are good) + sub.

Spend wisely or you gonna drain the money in your pocket.......there's no end to it then.
Good deal .. you can upgrade with bookself or floor standing later ..... Floor standing would be good.. Check yamaha floor standing 8390... It comes around. 13kk .with great power.
If the specifications match with the HTIB mentioned in the following URL


you can proceed with the purchase. 5205 is the 2009 HTIB and 5105 is a 2008 one and out dated one. Still I advise you to go with seperates as the woofer is under powered and the other speakers are not for music.If it is a Demo piece don"t go for it. Verify with the seller if it a sealed piece and if yes ask him to unpack in front of you. Please note that the original amplifier is packed in a sealed carton which in turn is sealed in plastic cover . Similar with the woofer and other speakers are packed in a carton. If you are resident of Hyderabad you can contact me on my mobile No. 9000001150 and by the way from where you are purchasing it.
Some major differences between 5205 and 5105:

(a.) 5205 uses TX-SR307 avr whereas and about 10watts underpowered compared to 5105 that uses the higher series avr (570 I guess) and is similar to TX-SR506 (but 5.1ch).

(b.) 5205 has 10" downfiring active woofer 150watts and 5105 has 8" downfiring subwoofer with 90watts. The sub on 5205 is more smooth.

(c.) 5205 have the following inputs: 1 x coaxial, 2 x optical (toslink), 3 x HDMI (1 for output - passthrough only, not upscalable), Speaker A x banana jack input

(d.) 5105 have 2 x coaxial, 2 x optical, 5.1ch inputs, 5 sets of banana jack inputs.....

(e.) 5205 have smaller sized satellite speaker and larger subwoofer cabinets. 5105 have larger front speakers, and smaller surrounds and subwoofer cabinets.

(f.) 5205 have glossy speaker cabinet finishes that will scratch immediately upon unpacking.......I used Meguires's Scratch X and No. 26 + 21 to remove the scratches (followed the same procedure with my car).

5105 has a better avr. Try looking for the outgoing TX-SR506 at a bargain price from your dealer, and add separate speakers (Wharfedale Diamond 9 matches well with Onkyo avr).:):):)
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