Onkyo SL 107 ?


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May 5, 2008
Hi Friends,

I would like to know about the Onkyo SL 107 (Linky). Anyone having personal experience about the product and can post its pros and cons please?

I am thinking of buying it for my HT(getting from usa in 2 months) with following configs:

Onkyo SR 505 (Linky)
Polk RM 10 (5 Speakers) (Linky)

Since subwoofer is pretty heavy and big so cant ask my friend to get that as well.

Will this Onkyo subwoofer is compatible with the configs mentioned above and give enough Bass for a medium-big room?

I dont want to spend much on a sub (<10k) so will it be good if I use a Y connecter and connect two of the above mentioned subs? Any other good sub in this range please let me know.

2. Also does anyone has seen/heard Onida HTR 4800 (Linky)

I will appreciate all responses and pointers.


First of, welcome to the forum !

Second coming to your query ! see honestly the shortlisted sub very very mediocre and will only be suitable if the room size very very small and that too if you are not particular about the effectiveness of the sub ! I'd recommend only if you are hardpressed to buy a sub within 10K ! As there's almost none other in the same range that can be recommended ! the other alternatives are bit expensive and start from 15K upwards ! the only one I can think is better then the shortlisted is the Polk PSW110 @ approx 12K

If you are ready to stretch the budget a bit then look at Wharfedale SW150,Polk PRO 500 !

As with usage of two subs is concerned its not going to be of much use ! it will not double the sound as you may have expected so will not recommend it either !

Lastly the Onida,I've not heard them so cannot comment ! but going by their previous track record I have no reason to believe that this will of any significant quality then what you've selected other then this :p !!

Hope is of some help to you !

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