Planing to buy Micro system give me advise


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May 11, 2008
hi guys

I'm from hyderabad planing to buy a Micro System, please advise me to pick a good system in 25k budget.....

short listed some models

1. DENON D-M37 ( Its a Micro System )
Denon USA | D-M37

2. Onkyo CS-515S ( Micro System)

Please suggest me a good model which will u prefer, and give me the details of dealers in hyderabad . :confused:
Onkyo CS-515 is an EXCELLENT micro system. Also check out the LG micro systems designed and tuned by the legendry Mark Levinson. They have GOOD sound as well.
Have fun in choosing!
If you have shortlisted the two, then i would prefer the denon to the onkyo.

When I listened to DM37, the sound was annoyingly bass heavy and boomy. imo, its worthwhile to invest in a good pair of BS likes Diamond 9.1 or Tannoy F1. If you can stretch try the BR2 or RS1 - i liked the BR2 even though RS1 much better than BR2.

Another one worth considering is the Marantz M-CR502. Out of the 3 here, I'm toying with the idea of the Marantz.

tanq buddy ...Do you have any idea whatz the price of Denon D-M37 in Bangalore..
Is it possible for you to consider separates i/o a micro system?
That is, a pair of bookshelf speakers, stereo amp & a CD /DVD player.
It will give you much better musical pleasure for a longer period of time than a micro system-whcih are rather flimsily put together-they don't last long& put you in the hassles of pouring money into repairs endlessly.I'm speaking from first hand experience here-two of my nieces went ahead & bought micro systems & within16 months they were good only for playing FM, the cassette player/CD having gone for a six repeatedly-one within warranty replacement of the lens assy & two thereafter, both at 1500 bucks a shot before they called it quits.
Plz do consider this before you take the plunge-you can get a wider choice if you can also consider pre-owned gear.
Hi Kamal.. but for a budget of about 25K, could such a system be setup?
I am basically looking for a bedroom system, with no sound distortion and good bass (not boomy). Audio source would be an iPod and CDs occassionally. Any idea on Ipod docks? Are their SQ comparable for the money spent?
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