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Planning a DIY isolation table for my Tube Amp/CD player based on Thorens TT suspension

Hari Iyer

Well-Known Member
Feb 8, 2010
I did some work last week for checking out what isolation works best. In this connection, i tried high density foam, buffer / glass marbles combination, air filled small rubber balls, springs, wire rope isolation, humble kitchen table top, granite stone, sand stone, concrete paver blocks. I tested the vibration by keeping a small bowl of coloured water and tapped the base table to check if any ripples are created in the water to check how much the above devices are able to isolate. After doing the test now for more than 10 days am able to somewhat conclude that the spring based isolation works the best with least ripples in the water when subject to vibration.

After doing the inital test, i then decided to DIY one similar to the Thorens TT. Though it look simple it has some tricky engineering to it and i finally am able to figure out how its done. My amplifier weighs around 20KG and i plan to put them on the isolation table with 4 springs. So each spring should be able to bear atleast 6KG of weight so that there is some head room. Unfortunately springs are not that easily available and not a diy item and needs to be custom build for this. The wire guage, the coil distance, length of the spring are important for the weight bearing capacity & isolation. I checked with some guys and one of my contact told me that there was a vendor who makes springs at Bhandup, Mumbai based on requirements. I have yet to contact him with my requirements. In the mean while i would try and make my own DIY springs to check if the concept works.

Thanks for looking.