Please suggest about Bose + playstation


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Sep 28, 2008
Hi Seniors,

Please suggest on this combination.
While watching movies or listening songs, i want to have good cracking sound.
And most important i have 1 BHK, so space is the main constraint.
that's why i am thinking to buy Bose (see below for model) and PlayStation 2 as input source to Bose.

Please also let me know these 2 are compatible with each other or not?

Please let me also know if there in any other option considering space constraints.

Bhanu @ bangalore

BOSE: Acoustimass® 6 Series III Home Entertainment Speaker System
Bhanu, at the outset, welcome to HiFiVision.

When you give a single choice and ask yes, or no. It is very difficult to give an answer. We need lots more information such as your tastes in music and movies, you room size, your budget etc.

Leaving aside all this, I would seriously suggest you audition the Bose, and a couple of other sub/sat combination. Then you can decide what is good for you. Other sub/sat systems are available from KEF, Mordaunt-Short and other manufacturers.

Regarding the Bose and Playstation, as long as the Bose has a composite/componenet/HDMI connection, it will work with any source player including the Playstation.

Hi venkatcr,

First thanks for your reply.

My room size is Width(11) Height(11) Length(13). I have 32" Samsung LCD and sound quality to this tv is very bad.

About my taste, i have heard Bose in Delhi 2 year back and like it very much.

I don't know much about music, but i want something that is different from ordinary. However i like sound effects in '300' , Jurassic park I, Rambo III, so you can predict about my taste, i also like listening to Gulam Ali nad Jagjit sight gazals, recent movie ROCK ON music.

My budget is 30K max.

However i like sound effects in '300' , Jurassic park I, Rambo III, so you can predict about my taste, i also like listening to Gulam Ali nad Jagjit sight gazals, recent movie ROCK ON music,

Bhanu, no offense meant but Ghulam Ali and 300 are on different ends of the audio musical spectrum :).
If space is a constraint and movies dominate your listening, bose is as good a buy as any. However, also listen to the Sonodyne Genie series, which are small and unobtrusive speakers. You may find them cheaper and a reasonable alternative to the Bose. I would have recommended the Lithos Noa1 as well but it is around 40K and may be beyond your budget.
From your post, I don't see any amplification component. I assume you are aware that the Bose is just a speaker set and you'll need a 5.1 channel amplifier to drive the speakers, in addition to the PS3 as source?

You mean 2 different kind of audio set will be required to listen these two spectrum...? (no offense.. just asked)

Can you suggest any option which has amplifier as well as player? That suits Bose speakers.

Considering output should be nearly to Bose.

Yes, generally depending on one's musical vrs. movie tastes, one buys a system that compliments one genre over the other. However, entry-level systems today are good enough that one can buy something that does a decent job of playing both music and movies well, though not any one thing spectacularly.

As far as a system that has a DVD and amp and fits within your budget (is it 30K for the whole system?), you will have to search the forum for other threads which have dealt with this in much more detail. Basically you are looking for a home-theatre around 30K, from my understanding of your question. There is a lot of information on that topic in the forums already. In case you can't find what you're looking for, do come back with detailed questions.
As Ajinkya has suggested, you should look for what is called Home Theater in a Box or HTIB. Made by companies such as LG, Samsung, Onkyo, Denon etc, these come with a entry level AVR and a set of 5.1 speakers. Some of the most popular in the forum are the Onkyo 3100 and Onkyo 5100. Specs are available here

Home Theater Systems : HT-S3100 | ONKYO Asia and Oceania Website

Home Theater Systems : HT-S5100 | ONKYO Asia and Oceania Website

These will cost you around 30K, and should fit in your budget.

The other option is to get an entry level receiver from one these companies and assemble it with a sub/sat system. If you like the Bose, very much, that may be the option. But I am not sure it will fit within your budget.

Go to the market and listen to some systems. That will help you decide.
Hi Bhanu,
Also try the klipsch,they have excellent sub sat systems,recently i auditioned a 2.1 system for my friend,and it was pretty good and cheap too(10.5k).
Klipsch also shines,when you connect them to ur PC(they also have computer compatible speakers)
Even though Bose is heavily in your mind,you can always audition the other suggested systems(onkyo,yamaha,kef etc).
Bose is always overpriced and just turns out be your status quo.
and Remember,personal satisfaction is the most important thing.
E-zone always offers you the onkyo-Jamo combo at 30 k,best deal,as accepted by our members here.

Happy Hunting

I have seen other systems but as i mentioned SPACE CONSTRAINT (SC).
Due to SC, if you can advice other systems than Bose, please advice.

Please specify other combination of speaker and compatible Amplifier/Receiver. So, that i can go and audition them and compare with Bose. Considering PRICE MAX 30K (Speaker + Amp/Rec).

I don't say i want 5.1, This means if 2.1 can produce Bose kind of sound then that is good for me.

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I don't say i want 5.1, This means if 2.1 can produce Bose kind of sound then that is good for me.

Bhprin, since you have set the Bose as the base for comparison, why waste time? Just go for the Bose itself. There are a number of similar sub.sat systems made by other companies. But even if you audition, I feel you will keep coming back to Bose.

I am not sure what the price of Bose is, but you should be able to get a entry level receiver such as Denon AVR 589 or AVR 1508 or Onkyo TX-SR404. Any of these will cost less than 20,000. Cambridge Audio has a very competent 340R entry level receiver, but it will cost around 2%K.

Though these are 5.1 systems, you can run them as 2.1 systems to resolve your space constraint.


If you are not too averse to second hand systems, there a number of people who are selling systems in this Forum. You will be able to get a good system for a good price.

Hi Venkat,

I heard many times that Bose is overpriced.
Can you say how much?

And i am always referring Bose because i have not listen to any other good system.

Looking to the threads i came to some name like Denon, Martinz, NAZ etc...
Before going to buy .. now i will try to go audition all these brands.

I also want from you to please give few names of pairs of Speakers + Amp/Rec.

You get good ones for over 30 k.
My friend recently auditioned some systems in bose,they were like over 50k.

Hi! Bose sound is impressive when watching movies, but when it comes to music of audiophile quality, they are no good in the budget range of speakers costing upto 15-20K a pair.Others like Mordaunt short etc are far better.Do not buy Bose if you are going to listen to music predominantly.
The Marantz PM7000N offers big, spacious and insightful sound, class-leading clarity and a solid streaming platform in a award winning package.