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Oct 7, 2009
Dear Experts,

Hi, I'm Ajay here, and a newbie HT-AV enthusiast. I have been following this forum very keenly ever since I have stumbled upon it. I think you guys rock and are doing a great service.I am attaching the layout of my drawing room. As I don't have a spare room for Home Theater setup, whatever I wish to do, has to be done in the rather large drawing room of mine. My dilemma is whether to go for a large LCD/Plasma with HT or should I go the projector way. Although the heart says projector, I'd like to hear some practical advice from the experts before finally laying my moolah on it. Thanks for all the input in advance.

The image can be viewed here:
I am aware that this kind of question might have been posed earlier in many threads. But my question is specifically in respect of the room dimensions that I have and the relative merits demerits of choosing one option over the other. Thanks.
Hello ajay,
I would advise you to go for a big tv instead of a projector. You really need a big at least 300 sqft closed room for good HT experience with projector. Another prolem with projector is you have to keep the path between projector and the screen entirely open otherwise it will cast shadow on the screen. So My choice would be tv in your case.
Thanks, Mahi for the response. I had an idea about that problem. However, my plan was to place the screen at position 'A' in the hall, and mount the projector on the ceiling about 10-12 feet away, towards the Divan. So that way, I can have an obstruction free path between the projector and screen. Let me have your opinion on the same. As you can see in the picture, my current wall unit, which also hosts my TV, is next to Divan. I am planning to use that to house the DVD/BD player, AMP etc. And mount the speakers again in the ceiling or on the wall, as convenient. My idea is 5.1, but am looking for options.
Hello ajay,
just do a simple math. The available distance for placing the screen is 10 ft max in your case.for optimum sound you need to put your front two speakers beside the screen so take 1.5 ft from each side out. that leaves you with 7 ft say around 6 ft to place your screen. Assuming standard screens comes in 4:3 ratio so your maximum screen size would be 6ft by 4.5ft. Now the diagonal is around 90 inch. you yould need a viewing distance of around 20 -23 ft for that. In your case it will be marginal. So I feel a big tv would be a better choice.
At position A, placing the front speakers may be a problem. And the whole line of sight would be a bit skewed to the left.

Best to stick to the current layout, even if you go for a screen (mahi's calculations suggest it might be borderline).

Btw, what would you use for watching normal TV?
hi ajay

i'll leave the tech considerations to the others. this is in response to your query on the practical aspects of owning a pj.

- if you're a film buff, NOTHING beats a pj. my panasonic ax200 is set up in a room that's 16'x12' and the image is approx 9' on the diagonal. my 46" tv just cowers in the corner when the pj is on!
- if you're a gaming buff, NOTHING beats a pj. hook up an xbox/ps3, slip in CoDMW, HL2, etc, and you'll be inside your own action film!

- the room has to be dark. if you're going to do a lot of daytime viewing, it could be a pain.
- the pj runs hot. i live in an apartment and close all doors/windows when i'm watching a movie/gaming, so that the noise doesn't bother my neighbours. hence, an ac is essential, especially during summer.
- power problems need to be handled carefully. the bulb on a pj needs to cool down when it's switched off. if there's a power cut, the cooling fan can't do it's job. i use a dedicated ups pack for the pj's fan to run, while i'm waiting for the building generator to kick in.

in conclusion, if you're really into films, get a pj. you'll find the cons well worth the hassle.
Thank you all for the very informed replies. I shall surely be considering them for my final decision. As of now, my current TV is Onida 29". Since my future plan was also to hook up the Comp and gaming console, I was tilting towards the PJ option. I'd be happy with a 60-72" prj screen (diagonal), if I am able to achieve that, since a similar sized TV would cost much much more, even in the foreseeable future. Also, am thinking of looking at a 16:9 aspect ratio, since that would complement with most of the Movies as well as games, if I add later on. My viewing times would mostly be after dinners or late evenings, so if I curtain off the hall, I can achieve sufficient darkness. I read somewhere that PJ's with more than 1200 (or was it 1500) lumens should do well with some ambient light (typically late evenings or curtained rooms?). Please keep giving your valuable inputs.
I read somewhere that PJ's with more than 1200 (or was it 1500) lumens should do well with some ambient light (typically late evenings or curtained rooms?). Please keep giving your valuable inputs.

as a reference, ajay, my panny ax200 is rated at 2000 lumens. watching a movie during the afternoon, with the curtains drawn, is not a problem at all.
@coaltrain: Thanks for the response. Are you using regular curtains or dark ones? Also, after you've drawn the curtain, can you still read a newspaper, without putting any lights on? (Just to ascertain how much of a reduction in ambient light you achieve)
@coaltrain: Also, after you've drawn the curtain, can you still read a newspaper, without putting any lights on?

that's a cool way of putting it, ajay :)

no, you can't read a paper with the curtains drawn. though you can have more light coming in, and still see the picture, the colours really pop as the room gets darker. once you're used to the rich colours you get at night, you'll find yourself trying to block all extraneous light in the daytime.

however, when i'm gaming on the 360, i'm not that particular coz i'm swept up in the action. there's no time to admire the scenery when the bullets are flying :)
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