ps3 and onkyo 606.


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Aug 28, 2008
in my house..,
hey bros. first of all happy independence day :)

as most of you know that now i have 606

i have one question today i just hook up ps3 and onkyo 606 to my projector through hdmi cable like first cable is from ps3 out to 606 hdmi in and then 606 hdmi out to projector hdmi in

though i choose video pass through option but really i can say that my projector upscale better to 720p even if i choose video pass through from onkyo 606

aside from above when i choose hdmi audio output in ps3 audio setting i choose all including dolby digital,dts, 5.1 pcm and 7.1 pcm but when i'm playing any movie which has dts and dolby digital 5.1 audio my onkyo 606 shows pcm multichannel and even if i untick 5.1 pcm and not untick 7.1 pcm i still got pcm multichannel shows on my 606 display but when i untick both 5.1 and 7.1 pcm then my avr shows dolby digital and dts sign

i also found that when i'm playing any movies by ticking pcm 5.1 and 7.1 audio from ps3 i don't get good audio i mean not as great as standard dolby digital and dts

so should i stick to optical cable for audio coz i don't use any blu ray disc yet

and tell me why its showing pcm multichannel on onkyo dispaly even i tick all the audio formats including standard dolby digital and dts and why it sound not good in pcm multichannel

please reply brothers totally confused :sad: as this is my first step towards stand alone avr
1. manu your particular question has been answered before - please use the search button

2. since you don't eat and sh@t at the same place - do not create multiple threads on the same issue - e.g. you ps3, your projector, your sub etc

3. when you tick something - it means you ps3 is doing the decoding, else it passes the signal to the avr untouched.

4. if your dts/dolby signal is passing untouched to the avr - then how does it matter what cable you use, optical or hdmi. HDMI is preferable though as it is less prone to jitter.

Peace !!!!
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