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Jul 12, 2016
navi mumbai
Hello forum members,

Around 2-3 months back, i got an itch to make a 12" subwoofer on my own. But, when i calculated the expenses for a basic sealed subwoofer; it costed between 20-25K. While the basic 12" sub in the market starts from 30K (which was beyond my budget).
Then my internet search led me to "Rave Audio" in Mulund. After getting in touch with Mr. Kunal, the owner of Rave audio, i went to his home for a demo. I kept my expectations low. But, after the demo, i was impressed by his speakers and subwoofer. After negotiation, the sub costed me 22K. He assured me to deliver the subwoofer within 2-3 days; since he didn't have any in the stock. He specially gets these speakers made according to the requirements. I gave him an advance payment and waited for the Sub to arrive.
The Sub was delivered within 2 days. After hooking the sub to my AVR along with an Yamaha 10" Sub, i played few movie demos in Atmos, DTS:X, DD+. Damn, i was disappointed. The bass was boomy and not in tune with the existing setup. Next day, i did mcacc calibration and after that made some manual changes to EQ. But, still, couldn't get that desired bass. After consecutive trials for 3-4 days, i was able to get it in tune with my setup.
Voila, i couldn't control my happiness; when i watched "Monster Hunter", "Midway" and i could get that desired bass last sunday. I always wanted to get that bass effect from Sub, which we get in Cinema halls. I was happy that i could achieve somewhat 15:20 that way. I tried various movies demo like "Ready player One", "Tenet" etc. and could have easily sit in front of TV for the entire day. But, then my parents and wife had to literally drag me away from the system and switched off the TV.
One thing that i would like to mention is in "Edge of Tomorrow" starting few minutes; my Yamaha sub used to rattle like hell. But, with this sub, that rattling has reduced to a great level. I thanked Mr Kunal for delivering on his promise and would definitely recommend Mumbai Home Theater enthusiasts to check the products of "Rave Audio" once.
I am outstation currently, otherwise i would have attached few pictures and demos of the subwoofer.

P.S. I am not related in anyway to Rave Audio. The above article is based upon my opinion.
Really nice that you took the leap and also posted your experience here.

I think that the time of reckoning for make in India audio products has come. They will prove their mettle.
@KNRAMU please go through the pictures. This product picture is from their FB profile. Since, i am outstation, i could not upload the pic of sub setup at my home. Its 250W RMS sub, 8 ohms, Freq response from 35 Hz onwards. sub1.jpg
I happened to visit Kunal's place(owner of Rave Audio) and was completely spellbound by the kind of custom setups he had.

Heard the towers with 8 inch integrated sub and it was extremely cohesive, and when it was coupled with the 12inch sub it was an extremely exhilarating experience. Watched the starting scene of Mad Max and the vocals from the center 6.5" drivers were deep and quite forward.

Overall soundstage was extremely involving.

His prices are 1/3rd of the similar setups from big brands. Goes to show that it all boils down to the craftmanship and proper blending of electronics and components. Brand name just adds to the cost

I have given him my requirements and he will get back to me with a proper solution for a 5.1 with 50-50 movies/music preference


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